Jennifer Love Hewitt Dedicated to Fitness


Remember not too long ago when Jennifer Love Hewitt was being stalked on the beach, while every microscopic bit of cellulite was being analyzed and scrutinized by the paparazzi? That whole ordeal was blown out of proportion, of course. We expect our Hollywood starlets to be like cartoon characters without an ounce of human frailty.

Anyway, Hewitt is single now. Being newly independent often leads to a little shape-up in ones appearance, sometimes for good, other times bad. After breaking up with “Ghost Whisperer” costar Jamie Kennedy in March, Hewitt gave herself a makeover, which included a little more attention to her fitness routine.

“I do the elliptical every day for at least 45 minutes. I don’t enjoy it, but I do it,” she tells Us Magazine. “I love doing the spin bike. It’s a great way to burn 500 calories or something every time you do it, which is amazing.”

Even Hollywood stars can fall victim to the trappings the rest of us fall for. Hewitt, besides admitting to dietary indulgences, takes part in a little good old-fashioned envy while doing her cardio.

“I watch America’s Next Top Model and go, ‘Okay, I know if I stay on this an extra 15 minutes, I will look like that girl!'” she told Us. “I don’t however, when I get off, but it inspires me.”

(via: Us Magazine)

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