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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Sexy New Role and Her Secret to Attract Men

Jennifer Love Hewitt is no stranger to playing sexy roles, and her new role is no different. Starring in The Client List, a Lifetime series that premiered Sunday, Hewitt plays a single mother who finds work at a massage parlor that offers sexual favors to a special list of clients; something her character did not exactly sign up for.

Her character, Riley, often appears in revealing outfits and constantly struggles to find the balance between her morals and an opportunity that could resolve her financial woes for her family.

Even though Hewitt has played sexy roles in “Can’t Hardly Wait,” “The Heartbreakers,” and “Ghost Whisperer,” this is a “whole different ballgame,” she told UsWeekly.

“Obviously, sort of being so overtly sexy and provocative – that part of it is not something, by nature, I’ve put on display before or really put out there before,” she said in a recent teleconference. “And that part’s just been sort of fun and exciting and, you know, I feel like I’m at a good age for it. I’m 33 years old, and I think, if I was younger, it would feel more saucy and daring. (more…)

Jennifer Love Hewitt Dedicated to Fitness

Image: lukeford.net

Remember not too long ago when Jennifer Love Hewitt was being stalked on the beach, while every microscopic bit of cellulite was being analyzed and scrutinized by the paparazzi? That whole ordeal was blown out of proportion, of course. We expect our Hollywood starlets to be like cartoon characters without an ounce of human frailty.

Anyway, Hewitt is single now. Being newly independent often leads to a little shape-up in ones appearance, sometimes for good, other times bad. After breaking up with “Ghost Whisperer” costar Jamie Kennedy in March, Hewitt gave herself a makeover, which included a little more attention to her fitness routine.


Why We Obsess Over Celebrity Weight

celebritiesRecently names like  Oprah, Kathy Ireland, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and even Seth Rogen have made headlines for their struggles with weight, and in some cases, the “struggle” seems a little far-fetched. Why are we so obsessed with celebrity weight changes, even minor shifts? Why do we judge them so harshly for even a five pound weight gain or loss? Do we believe it is a job requirement of fame to maintain a personal peak condition? On one hand, we want to believe that it is so “easy” for celebrities to lose weight and stay in shape because they don’t have “real jobs” and can afford to hire professionals to help them out all day every day. On the other hand, do we feel better about ourselves when celebrities are not perfect?

So much has been written about the dangers of exposure to extreme images, accepting those as the norm, as well as of being focused on your own weight, excluding BMI and health as measures. Yet we continue to analyze paparazzi photos for even the hint of a change. A shift in fabric, poor posture, normal bloating, or ill-fitting clothing could all explain a less than flattering photo more than a body change. Focusing on someone else’s weight and making comparisons is just as damaging as criticizing yourself. (more…)

Favorite Healthy Snacks of Celebrities

Gisele Bundchen and boyfriend Tom Brady enjoy her favorite treat, ice cream.

Their lifestyles are magnetic. Their beauty enviable. Their snacks sharable. Over-indulging in greasy or sweet foods could be considered an occupational hazard for these 10 famous faces. So they keep hunger at bay with their favorite snacks.

  • Oprah is obsessed with organic blue corn tortilla chips.
  • Katherine Heigl has a sweet spot for cherries.
  • Angelina Jolie snacks on Cheerios. (more…)

The Best and Worst Celebrity Diets of 2024

Before 2024 gets too long in the tooth, let’s take a look at the “Second Annual Best and Worst Celebrity Diet List of 2024.” The list is published by Marc Lawrence, M.D., who reviews celebrity diets and weight loss.

Marc Lawrence is a Stanford and Harvard trained, board-certified Physician Nutrition Specialist. Without further adieu, here’s the list as published on his website:britney spears and oprah

Best Celebrity Diets for 2024:

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt: Those unflattering bikini photos seem so long ago as this Ghost Whisperer star has been letting her body speak loud and clear; daily fruits and veggies do a body good.

4. Jessica Alba: Jessica exercised her superhero abilities on a regimen of whole foods, cardio and interval training to power her fantastic 25 pound post-pregnancy slim down. (more…)

Hollywood’s 2024 Weight Loss Winners

These celebrities went to heavy and back in 2024, and have started 2024 looking like the fabulous hotties we love.

Britney’s spending three days in the gym with her trainer doing aerobics and weights.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was the talk of the town last year with accusations that she was too fat, and then her subsequent weight loss.

Seth Rogen shucked his overweight, slacker-dude look for a fit and trim look that’s quite attractive.

See the other celebrity weight loss success stories, and find out what they’re doing to stay in shape.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Last Word on Weight

I can’t get enough “Love”…

Over the summer, I commented on the fake outrage over Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fake weight issues. Well, I guess the outrage isn’t fake, but the whole ordeal is certainly much ado about nothing. Hewitt hopes to put it to rest once and for all.

If you don’t know about this trivial nonsense, Hewitt was made fun of for beach pictures that revealed that, gasp, she was a human being with real life un-airbrushed blemishes. She attacked the tabloid onslaught by defending womanhood, warts and all.

So when she subsequently lost weight and it was spotlighted in US magazine, she was promptly attacked again for supposedly being a hypocrite. Point being, if it didn’t matter, then why would she lose the weight? The people of course missed the point, which was that it’s mean spirited to attack anyone who doesn’t look like a cartoon character of the female figure. (more…)

Jennifer Love Hewitt Attacked Again

Jennifer Love Hewitt was the victim of a malicious tabloid attack a few months back, when they pointed out that the celeb was showing a few extra pounds on her normally very petite frame. Never mind that she still looked great. But she came out and defended herself and women in general, stating “Like all women out there should, I love my body.” She went on to say firmly “To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini – put it on and stay strong.”Jennifer Love Hewitt

Now she’s being attacked again… this time for dropping the weight, and returning to her previously petite frame. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, I guess.

The argument is that by doing a before/after shot on the cover of US Weekly, she’s hypocritically giving credence to the criticism. I guess critics feel she is essentially conceding that the weight she put on was actually a problem, and that she lost it in a concession to the criticism.

Here’s what an article on ABC News’ website had to say: “What’s up with Hewitt bucking the weight loss bandwagon then jumping on it?”

People need to get a life, and off her back. They also happen to be missing the point.

Regardless of her motivation (remember, her living is in an industry that is always looking for younger, thinner women), critics are missing the entire point of Hewitt’s stance in the first place. She spoke out against people who are being mean-spirited and judgmental, not only against her very minimal weight gain, but for women in general. People have enough problems, they don’t need to be hyper-sensitive to not having what society deems to be a perfect 10 body. Hewitt was simply saying that women should be comfortable in their own skin, which isn’t the same as saying “don’t lose weight.”

The fact that she lost a few pounds doesn’t negate her message.

Show Jennifer some Love…

As a guy, I can’t fully relate to the body image issues women deal with. I can, however, have an opinion. And, in our celebrity-obsessed culture, the level of distortion about what is beautiful, or even for that matter, normal and healthy, has officially reached surreal levels.

This mean-spirited tabloid story about photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt and her supposed weight gain is so dysfunctional, it practically defies belief. When a size 2 woman with, gulp, a pocket of cellulite, has to defend her figure, how far have we fallen from reality?