Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Last Word on Weight

I can’t get enough “Love”…

Over the summer, I commented on the fake outrage over Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fake weight issues. Well, I guess the outrage isn’t fake, but the whole ordeal is certainly much ado about nothing. Hewitt hopes to put it to rest once and for all.

If you don’t know about this trivial nonsense, Hewitt was made fun of for beach pictures that revealed that, gasp, she was a human being with real life un-airbrushed blemishes. She attacked the tabloid onslaught by defending womanhood, warts and all.

So when she subsequently lost weight and it was spotlighted in US magazine, she was promptly attacked again for supposedly being a hypocrite. Point being, if it didn’t matter, then why would she lose the weight? The people of course missed the point, which was that it’s mean spirited to attack anyone who doesn’t look like a cartoon character of the female figure.

I’m not sure when her latest retort was aired, or why this melodrama has been spread out over months and months, but Hewitt made a point to clear the air and explain that she had no part in the US magazine cover spread. This is what she had to tell regarding the cover spread that revealed her 18-pound weight loss after the “scandal” broke on her less-than-perfect beach body.

You know what’s funny is I didn’t participate in it. Everybody thinks I did, but… They talked to my trainer, who I think was just trying to say nice things and it kind of went on. I literally got a phone call saying, “P.S. You’re going to be on the cover of Us, and they’re talking about you losing weight.” I was like, “What?!”

Check out this video in which other celebrities embrace their curves, and fitness guru Jorge Cruise defends “curves.”

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ME says:

Why can’t people just let it go? She probably wants to look good for her wedding…..jeez.

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