Most Popular Diets for Men

man on scaleThe word diet comes with plenty of negative connotations. For men, the word diet carries with it a sort of female tone as well. Dieting has long been thought to be one of those things that women do, like shopping and pedicures. However, the tide is changing as more and more men are embracing healthier lifestyles and actively working to lose weight.

This week is Men’s Health Week at, and we want to highlight a few weight loss programs that are focused on the needs of men.

Weight Watchers Online for Men

Their advertisements kind of say it all – “Real Men Don’t Diet.” Following queues from the more than 45-year-old plan that women have successfully used, Weight Watchers Online or Men has recreated the program to fit a man’s lifestyle. You won’t have to tell your buddies you’re watching your Points at the football game, or ask the waitress for calories at a business lunch; you’ll simply eat and live in a more mindful manner. Plus, you can maintain anonymity by accessing the entire plan, resources and tools conveniently online.

Learn more about Weight Watchers Online for Men or click here to get started now.

NutriSystem for Men

Some very famous guy’s-guys have followed NutriSystem for Men with great success. Dan Marino, Mike Golic, Larry the Cable Guy, Don Shula and many others have openly used the weight loss program and proudly boast positive weight loss. The plan is suited for men, and the customizable program delivers meals directly to your home. You’ll supplement the meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, and incorporate a regular fitness regimen.

Learn more about NutriSystem for Men or click here to get started now.

Men’s Health Personal Trainer

This weight loss program for men was created by the experts at Men’s Health Magazine. Everything is accessible online, and you’ll follow a completely customizable meal and fitness plan to help you learn how to eat more nutritiously and get in better shape. If you choose, you can communicate with a trainer as well.

Learn more about Men’s Health Personal Trainer or click here to get started now.

Abs Diet

Men and women alike crave the picture-perfect six-pack abs. This program, also delivered by Men’s Health, was developed to help men achieve that washboard stomach. You’ll learn that it’s not all about sit-ups, as the Abs Diet introduces you to a balanced eating approach that won’t leave you feeling hungry. The workout program has you doing weight training and cardio so that you’re burning fat while building muscle.

Learn more about the Abs Diet or click here to get started now.

jenny-craigJenny Craig for Men

With all the bells and whistles of this super popular and more female-oriented weight loss program, Jenny Craig for Men has been tailored to suit men’s taste-buds as well as their higher caloric and nutritional needs. Men are allowed three Jenny Craig meals a day plus two snacks and add-ons like fresh veggies, fruit and low-fat dairy. It also adheres to the three basic Jenny Craig principles of developing a healthy relationship to food, leading an active lifestyle and maintaining a balanced approach to living.

Learn more about Jenny Craig for Men or click here to get started now.

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Carolyn says:

My father in law loves the new Tosca Reno book “Eat Clean Diet for Men”. Available at the library. 🙂

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