Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern Workout

If you are a woman like me, two words can make you instantly start salivating: Ryan Reynolds. For men, he is someone to be admired and envied because he has a body like a super hero, which is very convenient since he will be portraying one this summer when Green Lantern is released in theaters.

Reynolds first became known for his rock-hard six-pack when he appeared in Blade: Trinity. Since then, his weight has fluctuated a little bit, depending on what kind of movie he was acting in. When Reynolds is going to be in an action film, he really concentrates on building muscle tone. According to his personal trainer, Bobby Strom, Reynolds weighed in at “200 pounds and 8 percent body fat [when he is in an action movie, but for romantic comedies] he’s about 180 and 11 percent body fat.”

In order to get in such fantastic shape, Reynolds works out for 90-minutes, seven days a week. His workouts vary, based mainly on what his role in the next movie is.

“Whatever the movie required him to do, we based the workout on that,” said Strom. “When he needed to prepare for the fight scenes, we’d do kickboxing…The training we did was functional in all aspects. The days of training only for aesthetics is over, but Ryan did have to look like a superhero.”

Reynolds enjoys exercising and adding variety to his workouts to keep himself from getting bored.

“If you hate your workout, you’re not going to do it,” he told SixPackNow.com.

Pretty solid advice and something that many personal trainers tell their clients every day. By switching up your exercise routine, you can target different muscle groups every day. This allows your muscles to recover instead of overworking them day after day. Obviously, this type of workout is working for Ryan Reynolds, so there must be some truth to the theory.

Via WebMD.com

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