To Hollywood’s Fit Dads, We Say Happy Father’s Day

Our here in the real world you can visit any park or farmers market on a Saturday morning and find a lot of hot dads. There’s something pretty swoon-worthy about a weekend-clad dad hanging out with his kids and giving them his undivided attention. These dads probably have to focus a little more to stay trim and fit compared to their celebrity counterparts. So if they’re looking for a Wahlberg or McConaughey body to help them tote the kids around, then we’ve got what they’re looking for.

Hollywood dads are some of the busiest in the bunch, and their bodies have to stay in tip-top shape if they’re going to keep bringing home the (lean turkey) bacon. We’ve rounded up our picks for the hottest dads in Hollywood this Father’s Day. Not only are they nice to look at, but they’ve prioritized their dad duties above their red carpet duties.

For each famous dad we’ve included a glimpse of how they workout so you can employ those practices at home, too.

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