Weight Loss News in Review – Week of June 6

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Tracy Morgan Uses Nutrisystem to Lose 10 Pounds

30 Rock star Tracy Morgan has said that he lost 10 pounds in two weeks by using Nutrisystem.

Ozzy Osbourne Goes Vegetarian

Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness, the biter of bats, has professed his allegiance to… vegetarianism.

Heart Attacks Drop Dramatically in California Study

A California study gives evidence of the power of preventative medicine in reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Chocolate Baby Drink Pulled from Shelves

After strong protests against toddler drinks that are loaded with sugar, the makers of a chocolate drink pull their product from store shelves.

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My friend disgust Weight Loss News in their ad is shabby! Maximo had a disgusting reaction to this shady Weight Loss News in with problems in digestive system and had a problem delivery!

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