An Honest Look at the Nutrisystem Meal Plan

Hi everyone…  Everything is going well with my Nutrisystem meal plan. I am going to go over a couple of the dinners and the snacks this week.

The Italian meals… pizza, lasagna and rotini with meatballs… were all really good. I had the chicken with Alfredo sauce last night and that was really tasty. The meals are not very big like the breakfast and lunch items, but eaten with the salad and fresh veggies that are recommended your meal is very satisfying.

I have had a couple problems with the flavor of a few things. The hamburger was not very appetizing and really the meatloaf was about the same. The hamburger comes very dehydrated and to cook it you add hot water. But every time you touch the burger (even getting it out of the package) it just crumbled into a quite a few pieces. It was really difficult to eat. The meatloaf was kinda hard and didn’t really have much flavor. But the potatoes that came with it were really good.

Now the desserts and snacks that Nutrisystem has provided for me are mostly pretty great tasting. The chips and salty mixes (pretzels, snack mix) have proved to be very good. The cheese curls were a bit different in texture and taste but if you are needing something crunchy to fill that void then these were it. Most of the cookies have proven to be a bit off. They are kinda pasty tasting to me and do not have much flavor. The chocolate items have really filled in when I needed that something sweet to satisfy my cravings.

So far the Nutrisystem program has been pretty easy to maintain. And with all the different flavors they provide it really cuts down on the runs to the store for different cheats. Just know what your own body needs and wants and Nutrisystem has something for everything. Enjoy until next week and keep working out and drinking lots of water.

All products have been supplied by Nutrisystem as part of their Nutrisystem15 program. Views expressed here are my own.

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