Jessica Simpson and The Price of Beauty

Jessica Simpson in The Price of Beauty

Jessica Simpson’s “The Price of Beauty,” which began airing in March 2024 on VH1, has yet to grasp viewer’s attention. The series, which chronicles Simpson, her sidekick hairdresser Ken Paves and her best friend Cacee Cobb traveling around the world to learn about the lengths at which women go to feel and look beautiful.

From women in Thailand who lighten their skin to look more like Westerners and to a Ugandan pre-wedding ritual where brides gain weight to be more attractive to their future husbands, The Price of Beauty seeks to shed light on the varying worldwide perceptions on beauty, weight and fashion, and offers a different view of many of the Western-held beliefs on beauty.

But the lackluster ratings have motivated VH1 to give The Price of Beauty a makeover.

According to Us Magazine, the VH1 series is being “re-tooled” for its second season and will feature more episodes of Simpson giving people makeovers rather than her traveling around the world with her friends.

“We are here to stay with Jessica and are committed to this journey and this message with her about women, self image, etc., all through Jessica’s totally unique and unfiltered lens. We are really excited about the next step, which we will announce soon and will air on VH1 in 2024,” a VH1 spokesperson told Us magazine.

Recently, Simpson openly discussed her experience with Master Wang’s  Total Vitality Program, a vegan diet, cupping and tea detox program. The singer and actress adamantly denied that the program was done for weight loss reasons. Instead, she completed the regimented routine in the San Francisco-based Buddhist Center solely for health and wellness reasons.

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