Life after a Weight Loss Reality Show? Martha Byrne’s Laughing at the Lighter Side in a New Web Comedy Series

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Ever wondered what happens when you go from a reality show and back to your real life? Especially a weight loss reality show, where a complete transformation has taken place within someone? Well, real life holds temptations, obligations, children, husbands, social meetings, and everything in between. Transition is hard.

Weight, a new internet comedy starring Martha Byrne, from As the World Turns, explores the transition. Weight focuses on Claire, a mother who returns home from a weight loss competition after losing 100 pounds. Adjusting to her new body, Claire also has to struggle through getting used to being back home, handling mixed reactions from her friends and family, and an attempt to to balance everything at once.

“As a mom I know how hard it can be to stay on track with your health. It’s not always convenient to prepare a home cooked meal that satisfies the kids and yet is healthy for everyone. This issue is addressed in a very funny way in Weight,” Byrne told us.

Byrne went on to discuss how important the show’s focus on body image is, citing that she believes it is even harder for “regular mom(s)” to maintain their body image after an experience like a reality show.

“Of course there is pressure for celebrities to get back in shape after giving birth, but celebrities have personal chefs, trainers, and sometimes more than one nanny.” She does not believe it is easy for anyone to maintain their weight loss, but “if you are working a 9-5, or you are a stay at home mom, you are responsible for making time for personal fitness and it is definitely a challenge.” Weight touches each of these struggles, allowing the viewers to “go on the journey” with Claire. Byrne describes it as “funny at times and other times cringe worthy, but always real.”

One such real life mom spoke about her own personal experiences similar to Claire’s. Julie Hadden, a season four finalist on The Biggest Loser and author of Fat Chance, is a mother who can definitely speak to the struggles of returning home from a reality show. Hadden has had incredible experiences since Loser, returning as a completely changed woman. She delicately told us about so many of her struggles of adjusting to her “old life” as a different person, especially considering the fact that she and her husband adopted a baby about a month after she returned home.

One piece of advice that Hadden shared (that came from her trainer Jillian Michaels) is that “selfish is not a dirty word.” Besides that, perhaps most importantly, Hadden says to “believe you are worth it!”

Weight has a great back story, as well. The show has been partially crowd funded on IndieGogo, hitting its goal to shoot the series in Los Angeles. The community support only further proves how important weight loss, health, and body image is to most of us.

Production begins this summer. Follow Weight on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

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