NutriSystem Flex Offers Dieters A Flexible Meal Delivery Diet

For those who want to lose weight, but still enjoy some flexibility in your diet, NutriStystem Flex could be the answer for you. This new program from NutriSystem offers you five days of prepackaged meals each week. The other two days are your flexible days, making it the most convenient and lowest price program that NutriSystem offers.

On the days that you eat the prepackaged meals, you will be eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert. You can select your own meals, or choose to have some of the most popular items sent to you. A lot of the guesswork is eliminated because you will receive a Flex Meal Planner with your food. This planner will tell you what to eat, when to eat and how to balance NutriSystem meals with your own recipes.

This type of program may be helpful to those that want the convenience of a meal delivery program while also having the flexibility of planning for events that might pop up each week. On the days you don’t eat prepackaged meals, you can eat what you want, so meals out and special occasions work seamlessly into your busy life.

Something to note upfront is that the flexible days that you select are not a free for all. You will still need to eat proper portion sizes, and make healthy choices both at home and if you dine at a restaurant. There is a dining out guide provided so that you can make good choices and stay on track with the program. Although weekends are the most common days to take off from the program, you are totally in control. You can choose whatever days you desire to be your flexible days.

This program gives weight loss a more flexible approach while teaching you the fundamentals of healthy eating like portion control and how to order healthy options at restaurants. For those that might have wanted to try NutriSystem previously, but weren’t sure about eating packaged meals all the time, NutriSystem Flex is an option to consider.

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