The Hottest Celebrity Bodies of Summer 2024 Blockbusters

Summer blockbusters are always entertaining, the chilled theaters offering a reprieve from the scorching heat. These sizzling flicks are also a great time to get some inspiration for the gym. There are some incredible summer movies coming out over the next few months, with equally incredible hotties we look forward to seeing on the big screen!

If Oscar gave trophies for best big screen bods, the academy would have to choose between these actors and actresses!


1. Zac Efron

Efron’s film Neighbors has already been released, but is definitely being considered a summer hit. Playing a college kid living next door to a married couple with a baby, Efron is, well, clearly hitting the campus gym on a very regular basis. Follow his steps. Definitely an inspiration.

cameron diaz sex tape

2. Cameron Diaz

Starring in Sex Tape, Cameron Diaz plays Jason Segel’s really hot wife. Now, Diaz has always had a pretty spectacular body, but starring in a movie revolving around being scantily — or not at all — clad is a pretty big deal. Diaz looks hotter than ever, and the movie looks hilarious. How does she do it? Read about it her new release The Body Book.

jason segel sex tape

3. Jason Segel

Speaking of Sex Tape, coming out this month, Segel has really toned up since How I Met Your Mother ended. Though Segel was always adorable, he really has gotten into shape–likely because he is in a movie about filming a sex tape with his wife. His simple, effective trick? Eating healthier and working out.

scarlett johannson

4. Scarlett Johansson

Obviously Johansson has an incredible body, one she gets to put to the test and show off a bit in her summer hit, Lucy. The film is set to release in July, and we’ll see Johansson become impregnated with something that makes her not only incredibly intelligent, but also a super fighter. Johansson consistently plays women who kick butt, relying on 90-minute circuit workouts, multiple times per week to stay fit enough for these powerhouse roles.

channing tatum suns out

5. Channing Tatum

In the buddy comedy 22 Jump Street, Tatum plays the police officer opposite of Jonah Hill’s cop. Though Tatum and Hill are both hilarious, Tatum plays the hot, but rather ditzy friend. That all being said, Tatum’s body is on point, rocking tank tops and big guns–if you know what I mean. Full body workouts, with a three day on/one day off schedule, lasting 30 minutes each help him stay ripped!

emily blunt edge tomorrow

6. Emily Blunt

Opposite Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, Blunt is rocking a fit and fantastic shape for the futuristic action film. She’s known for relying on yoga to keep that slim and trim body.

mark wahlberg transformers

7. Mark Wahlberg

Starring in the fourth of the Transformers series, Wahlberg continues to impress us with his toned muscles, sharp abs, and always pointed wit. No stranger to the gym as far back as those famous underwear days, he loves the heavy lifting of the weight room.

megan fox ninja turtles

8. Megan Fox

Though Fox is not starring in the new Transformers film, she is playing April in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Better? Arguably so! Fox’s body — specifically her gorgeous abs — is thanks to focusing on her cardio and in part to an occasional cleanse.

bruce willis sin

9. Bruce Willis

At 59 years old, Willis, the star of the next installment of the Sin City movies, has an incredible physique. Willis mixes up his fitness regimen in order to focus on a vast range of his muscles.

jennifer aniston crime

10. Jennifer Aniston

In Life of Crime, Aniston plays a hostage stuck in the middle of a ransom situation. The movie looks great, but not as great as Aniston’s gorgeous summer body. Anyone who follows Aniston at all knows her trick: yoga, clean eating, and an absolutely active lifestyle. Aniston has been doing it for years, and she looks better than ever.

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