We Love Fruit 2 Day

fruit 2 dayThis week, we love Fruit 2 Day, a delicious (and nutritious!) real fruit juice – and so much more. What’s not to love about a portion controlled container of real fruit juice and, oddly enough, fruit bits. Seriously. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I will admit I was skeptical – although I love fruit smoothies, I’m not so in love with regular fruit juice and I bought this – somewhat pricey at $3.50 for 2 bottles – with a healthy amount of skepticism. Juice mixed with chunks of fruit sounded a bit odd. I was in for a treat.

With varieties like Cherry-Grape and Strawberry-Orange, different taste buds are pacified. I chose my standard, default flavor of Mango-Peach and saved it for the end of an especially strenuous Muay Thai class. Served well-chilled, it had a pleasant flavor and the bits of fruit that I’d been skeptical of were refreshing. (Although, oddly enough, the fruits in the Mango-Peach juice that I’d sampled were not those named, but instead pineapple and pear.)

No matter. After I’d had about one-third of the juice, I added in a scoop of protein powder and was delighted by the yumminess that ensued. It was every bit as good as a Tropical Smoothie, my treat of choice after class – and much cheaper and I think healthier. It was also a smaller portion and something I could keep in my boxing bag.

Each 6.75 ounce bottle has 120 calories, 0 grams fat, 2 grams fiber, 40% RDA of Vitamin A and 60% RDA of Vitamin C. All-natural, low in calories and with two servings of fruit, this is a beverage that I’ll cheerfully buy again.

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