Biggest Loser 6: Ed Brantley

Ed Brantley will be on the orange team for Biggest Loser: Families, with his wife Heba Salama.

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ed brantley

Age 31

Hometown Raleigh, NC

Occupation Chef

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Heba Salama, Wife

Team Color

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 335

Finale Weight 196

Total Loss -139

Percent Lost 41.49


  • “I’m gonna throw up all over this place.” – Week 1
  • “Vicky’s crazy, man! She’ll claw your friggen eyes out!” – Week 9
  • “Heba had already spent that money as soon as it touched my hands.” – Week 10


  • Health screening found several problems including pre-diabetic and metabolic syndrome
  • Won Week 2 Competition, shared phone call home prize with Red Team
  • Won Week 3 Competition; Won Week 3 Temptation for a Jayco RV
  • Zero-pound weight loss Week 4; Eliminated
  • Won the Week 8 competition to return to campus
  • America chose Ed over Heba to compete as the third finalist


Other spellings: Edd, Eddy, Eddie, Edward, Ted, Brantly, Brant, Brantle, Brandly, Brandtly

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5 Responses to Biggest Loser 6: Ed Brantley

Gail Kell says:

You go girl!!!

Anonymous says:

Ed you’re a sweet guy, I wish you well. I also hope you take this time to look at your wife more objectively, and see her as the rest of America does. Good luck!

JEM says:

Heba wasn’t that bad, but Vicky was!!

Stacie says:

Ed see’s his wife exactly as her should. How come when Heba did somthing it was mean and nasty but when Michelle and Renee did anthing they were just wonderful. Lets not forget that Renee is the woman who left her husband and took two of her children with her and did not so much as look back at the third.

Smanticus says:

Anonymous, that was probably the most hilariously condescending, not to mention ridiculous, comment I’ve seen in a long time.

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