Doug Miller Gets Ripped with Natural Bodybuilding

After looking at this picture, would you believe this man graduated high school only weighing 135 pounds? Or that he was a stud athlete with 11 varsity letters earned in soccer, baseball, and swimming, was given the title of an all-regional athlete, but couldn’t get recruited to a division 1 college all because of his small size and frame?

This is IFPA professional natural bodybuilder Doug Miller, and yes, the above statements are very true. Doug was very active throughout his entire childhood and obviously a fantastic athlete as well. After he wasn’t able to earn scholarships for any division 1 school, Doug decided to focus all of his attention on his education rather than sports.

He earned a B.S. in biochemistry & molecular biology as well as a B.S. in economics from Penn State University’s Scheyer Honors Program, where he graduated as valedictorian. He was extremely tuned in, giving everything he could to his academics, but he knew something was missing in his life. He missed his old active lifestyle where he spent his spare time playing sports.

When he was a freshman in college, one of Doug’s friends introduced him to the weight room. Doug was immediately hooked, and the start of his career took off at that very moment.

By the time he graduated college, Doug weighed 175 pounds and had learned an incredible amount of information on proper weight and resistance training. His education background was what enabled him to perform proper research on nutrition and supplementation, which he attributes as the most important part of his muscle weight gain.

Doug competed in his first bodybuilding competition in 2002, about one year after he graduated college. He ended up winning as the overall novice competitor. He then took the next 14 months off to build more muscle and work towards earning his pro card. In 2003, he competed in his second show at the OCB Charm City Classic where he did, indeed, win his professional natural bodybuilding card.

Currently, Doug is married to Stephanie Brumfield, who also competes in bodybuilding competitions and won her pro card at her first show ever. The two reside in Arlington, VA where Doug works at an economic consulting firm, is the owner of Core Nutritionals, owner of Arlington Nutrition Center, and Owner of Team Miller. Stephanie also owns her own personal training business. The two are both sponsored athletes by USP Labs.

More Doug Miller Facts:

  • Born 9/23/79
  • Grew up in Huntingdon Valley, PA
  • Height is 5’9″
  • Competition weight is 186-192
  • Offseason weight is 210-225
  • Is co-author of “Biology for Bodybuilders
  • Favorite food is sushi
  • Favorite body parts to train are back and legs
  • Strongest body parts are back and biceps
  • Weakest body part is chest

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