Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan Follows Extreme Diet to Lose Weight

rex ryan jets

Rex Ryan on left with Jets' Kerry Rhodes. Photo via Flickr user bkrieger02.

It used to be that celebrity women were known for the diets they followed. However, with the recent likes of Rush Limbaugh and his success with Quick Weight Loss Centers, NFL’s Mike Golic on NutriSystem, and now New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan on a quest to lose some of the 340 pounds he has been carrying around, diets for men are becoming more interesting.

Since the NFL is known for its large players – the average NFL player weighs 245 pounds, 25 pounds heavier than their average weight in 1970 – it is no wonder that their coaches’ size is no different.

Ready to embark on an extreme liquid diet, Ryan is not shy at all about his health, obesity problem, or his recently diagnosed dyslexia. A self-proclaimed food lover, Ryan realizes how difficult this liquid diet may be, but he’s willing to stick with it in order to improve his health and stick around for his two sons and his grandkids.

The name of his diet has not been released, but it involves consuming a vegetable or fruit juice concoction for each of his daily meals. It is unclear as to why Ryan is  following the diet for only five days given the amount of weight he needs to lose in order to get into a healthier BMI range. Right now, he is classified as obese. And despite a health scare a few years back, the coach does seem to be quite an anomaly as both his blood pressure and cholesterol levels have checked out to be very normal. will be sure to keep you posted on Coach Ryan’s progress and whether or not his 5-day extreme liquid diet inspired him to follow a more long-term diet program.

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