Madonna Starts Barre3 Workout

It seems that these days Madonna makes the news more about her workouts than her music career. No matter what you think of the one-time Material Girl and queen of pop radio, one thing she hasn’t done is let herself go.

Along with Gwyneth Paltrow and other high-profile celebrities, Madonna spent some time with celebrity trainer Tracey Anderson. But it ended up in a public “break-up,” and Madonna parted ways with Anderson.

These days, Madge is said to be connected with trainer Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3, which is known for its intense combination of yoga, Pilates, and the ballet barre.

Sadie Lincoln and her barre3 is headquartered in my neck of the woods of Portland, Oregon. It’s said that Madonna is so enthralled by barre3 that she has been flying Lincoln across the country from Portland to New York.

Barre3 classes have an ever-changing structure to ward off boredom for students. Classes are usually about an hour long, and is broken down into eight-minute sessions that target different areas of the body. The primary goals are to achieve balance, strength and flexibility. For more information on barre3, check out

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