Alison Sweeney’s The Mommy Diet Releases December 2024

We watch and marvel as celebrities seem to get pregnant, have babies, and walk a red carpet (what feels like) days or weeks later looking better than ever. But once in a while, in what feels like a “They’re Just Like Us” segment from Us Weekly, a star comes along who seems to face the same battles as the rest of us, one being Alison Sweeney.

She’s a working mom juggling not one but two jobs, as the beloved host of The Biggest Loser and on the long-running soap Days of Our Lives, while caring for her two young children, Ben and Megan. Alison announced her second pregnancy during the show’s sixth season. As if all eyes weren’t on her anyway, being the host of a weight loss show we were curious to see how she’d bounce back. And now, she’s showing us exactly how she maintained healthy pregnancy and healthy postpartum routines. Her first book, The Mommy Diet, releases December 2024 and is sure to become a favorite of mommies everywhere.

In the book she shares a nutrition, fitness, and self-care plan to help mothers look and feel their best before, during, and after pregnancy. Together with experts, Alison guides moms-to-be and moms through the three stages of pregnancy in monthly sections so that they stay healthy and not lose their minds!

  • Pre-pregnancy: the goal is to be as healthy, happy, and hot as possible.
  • Pregnancy: will guide you trimester to trimester and you’ll learn how to handle morning sickness, food cravings, and even fashionable maternity style.
  • Postpartum: explains how to manage hurdles of baby weight, sleep deprivation, and even the shell-shocked feeling of the incredible life change that has taken place.

As a relatable working mom who has worked through her own weight issues, Alison guides new moms to get back in shape and stay that way with straightforward tips, easy-to-follow exercises, and even the occasional recipe.

Healthful food, consistent exercise and a positive attitude are all important in Alison’s life, and she makes them key factors in successfully following The Mommy Diet.

Pre-order your copy of The Mommy Diet.

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