Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories or More

When dieting, counting calories and finding ways to consume less can be as much a chore as any household task. You often think you’ll go hungry and never eat anything that tastes great again. I want to let you know that that line of thinking isn’t entirely accurate. There are many ways to reduce calories, enjoy food and feel satisfied- cravings and all. In fact, there are about 50 Ways to Cut 100 Calories from your diet, according to SparkPeople. Check out these easy swaps and watch the calories fade.

orange team

  • Share a 20 oz. soda with a friend. -120 Calories
  • Have 2, 12 oz. light beers instead of regular. -100 Calories
  • Have one medium orange, not 12 oz. of fresh OJ. – 106 Calories
  • Go for 5 oz. of chocolate milk instead of a 5 oz. chocolate shake. -110 Calories


  • Skip butter/margarine on your whole grain waffles and use 2 Tbs. maple syrup. -110 Calories
  • Use 1.5 oz. fat-free cream cheese instead of regular. – 108 Calories
  • Have maple turkey bacon over maple pork bacon. -118 Calories
  • Swap 3 oz. pork sausage for turkey sausage. -120 Calories

Snacks & Sides
baked potato

  • Dip 1 cup celery in salsa or hummus instead of corn chips. -125 Calories
  • Enjoy a medium apple instead of apple candy. -118 Calories
  • Order an 8 oz. baked potato instead of fries. -104 Calories
  • Use 3 oz. mozzarella on sandwiches in place of swiss. -108 Calories

Lunch & Dinner
hot dog

  • Eat skinless chicken breast, not with skin. -102 Calories
  • Order thin crust pizza instead of thick. -106 Calories
  • Eat only one half of the buns on a burger or sandwich. -100 Calories
  • Grill fat-free beef hot dogs instead of regular beef hot dogs. – 104 Calories

Condiments & Sauces
marinara sauce

  • Say no to alfredo and eat marinara. -129 Calories
  • Top salads with cheese or croutons, not both. -72-116 Calories
  • Switch to reduced-fat mayo. -102 Calories
  • Use fat-free sour cream instead of regular. -120 Calories

Sweets & Desserts
strawberries and cream

  • Order ice cream in a cup, not a cone. -121 Calories
  • Have 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries with fat-free whipped cream instead of ice cream. -102 Calories
  • Enjoy low-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. -121 Calories

By putting these simple changes into practice, it will soon feel like second nature, rather than managing a diet.

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