8 Must-Know Facts and Teasers from Biggest Loser 15

When Biggest Loser returns for an epic 15th season tomorrow night, you can expect some same ‘ole same ‘ole where challenges, temptations, and weigh-ins go, but you’ll also be in for some exciting new treats. All three of our beloved trainers – Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, and Dolvett Quince – are back in the gym. And of course, Alison Sweeney will keeping the whole lot in check from her post as host.

But what about the twists, turns, and surprises? Biggest Loser’s publicity team is very good at keeping a secret, but they’ve let out a few teasers that new and old fans need to know before starting this season.

biggest loser trainers and alison sweeney
1. One hour episodes. Many fans were growing tired of the two hour format Biggest Loser’s been known for for as long as we’ve been covering the show, which was season 5. Tuesday nights will only have 60 minutes of Biggest Loser now, with a few special two-hour episodes thrown in here and there.

2. Longer season! There are shorter episodes, but the fall season is longer. The BL15 finale will air February 4, 2024, just before the Olympics start. This will be the first time the season carries over in to the new year, and one of the few times a new season isn’t set to start right at the new year.

3. Trainer Saves! This is a first we’ve been dying to see for a while. This season, each trainer has one save at their disposal and they can use it to keep an eliminated contestant on the ranch. Dolvett told us about this cool new feature recently.

His new book, The 3-1-2-1 Diet, releases in November!

4. Trainers as casting agents! This year, for the first time, the trainers helped decide who would come to the ranch; as if it weren’t already hard enough to pass the interviews, psych exams, and medical exams! Dolvett enjoyed the process and thinks they were able to get the right group of people on the ranch.

biggest loser 15 contestants
5. 15 new contestants. There are 8 women and 7 men checking in to the show this season ready to put it all out there and prove a lot to themselves on the biggest weight loss stage in the world.

6. More than a ton! The combined starting weight of this season’s contestants is 4,868 pounds. They weigh an average of 324.5 pounds. Expect a big decline on that number, because the winner typically loses about 50% of their body weight by finale.

7. Don’t forget the kids! Remember Biingo, Sunny, and Lindsay from last season? They’re back, sort of. The show will check in with the three kid ambassadors to see how they’re doing and how life has changed for them.

ruben biggest loser

8. Look for stars! Professional athletes have appeared on the show before, but NBC is dubbing this the first season to feature a celebrity. Ruben Studdard, of American Idol fame, is contestant number 15 this season, and will also weigh in as the heaviest. In this interview, he told us, “The show gives me a second chance to live a healthy lifestyle. It gives me the opportunity to put me first, not put my career ahead of my health.”

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