Bob Harper’s Vegan Recipes from Biggest Loser

In an unprecedented move on Biggest Loser, Bob Harper invited contestants to his home for dinner. The few who had fallen below the yellow line in season 10’s fourth week needed some cheering up, and Bob offered that in the form of a beautiful patio dinner at his LA home. The contestants, who typically prepare their own meals on campus, were no doubt excited by the prospect of a night off from the kitchen.

Upon arriving at his cool bachelor pad in the hills, Bob gave contestants a tour of his refrigerator. The contents included a whole watermelon, carrot sticks, a door full of condiments, his no-doubt sponsored Brita pitcher, and what appeared to be Pacifico beers. He said his rule is never keep anything that has a shelf life shorter than two weeks. In other words, fresh food goes bad and you should only be eating fresh foods.

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He then presented his dinner guests with a vegan dinner, prepared by friend and chef Brooke Larson. Bob is a self-proclaimed vegan, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the meal would be meatless. The contestants were awe-struck at the aromas, colors and textures of the food, to which Bob reminded that the more colorful a meal is, the healthier is.

We were given permission to republish a few of these recipes so that you can add them to your vegan meal rotation, or simply add more nutritious, healthy side dishes to your meals.

Roasted Cauliflower

Chopped Broccoli with Pine Nuts

Roasted Wild Mushrooms with Shaved Fennel Salad

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