Ed Sheeran’s Vodka Diet Helps Him Shed 35 Pounds in 3 Months


While one star this week cited giving up vodka for his impressive weight loss (see Zach Galifianakis’ before and after), Ed Sheeran credits the Russian booze for helping him shed 35 pounds.

The English singer-songwriter said, “I have dropped like 35 pounds in three months just from not drinking beer. I have replaced it with vodka.”

We’re not sure how that would work exactly, and the comment even has our Mary Hartley, RD scratching her head.

“I just doubt that he replaced beer calories with an equal number vodka,” she told us. “A six pack is replaced with one pint of vodka. Do you think he drank a pint (16-ounces) of vodka a day?”

Well, just looking at him, we’re going take a stab that, no, Sheeran wasn’t downing a pint of vodka a day. What does a beer to vodka comparison really look like?

In a 12-ounce bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale (a bloody right English beer) there are 138 calories. The same 12-ounces of 80 proof vodka has 770 calories!

If he did make a swap from beer to vodka, we’re going to guess his consumption went down significantly. But as Sheeran and Hartley both pointed out — the bottle wasn’t the only thing helping him lose weight.

How about dancing eight hours a day, five days a week in preparation for his Thinking Out Loud video, a new hit single from his new album X.

That’s another deficit of 9,000 calories, he’s burning, according to Hartley. Now that is something we can give credence to for helping the English crooner drop the weight!

It’s no surprise, really, do you watch Dancing With the Stars? Nearly every celebrity who graces that dance floor leaves trimmer than they started. Most recently Betsey Johnson, but others have included Chaz Bono, Kelly Osbourne, Jaleel White, and Kirstie Alley to name a few.

The vigorous dancing schedule no doubt helped Sheeran lose the 35 pounds in just three months. “I can see why dancers are in good shape,” he told ET, obviously recognizing the results on his own body.

No, you won’t see him doing his own DWTS stint; he told ET, “I’ve done it now.”

Who knows if the changes will stick for Ed or if he’s right back in to his flannel, hoodies, and brewskis. For now, everyone is happy to talk about his leaner look, impressive dance moves, and what’s sure to be the biggest wedding hit song of the year.

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3 Responses to Ed Sheeran’s Vodka Diet Helps Him Shed 35 Pounds in 3 Months

Zanna says:

Vodka is not Russian by origin, guys.

shay says:

Vodka has no carbs though as well, unlike beer.

Justin Nomura says:

This article is hilarious and Hartley apparently has never heard of Carbohydrates!! LOL Cut out beer and keep the same diet you will lose weight. Go low carb with intermittent fasting and exercise then bye bye pounds. Pretty simple math and has nothing to do with caloric intake.

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