More Vegan Celebrities Tout the Animal-Free Diet’s Benefits

While vegan seems to become a hotter buzz word all the time, it’s a lifestyle that less than one percent of the U.S. has adopted. Less than half a percent make up the vegan population in the UK, too. For a very small group of people, 1 million* to be exact, their voices are loud, strong, and proud. Their message of an animal-free life (which extends from food and beverage to clothing and cosmetics) is amplified each time a celebrity adopts a vegan diet.

Idolizing vegan and vegetarian celebrities isn’t anything new. PETA has an entire class of sexiest vegetarians for which Pamela Anderson has been a poster girl. But she’s got some hot competition these days as sexy and aware celebrities make their veganism as well known as their movies and hit songs.

This week several famous vegans made headlines. Rocker PINK showed off her postpartum weight loss thanks to a vegan diet, Kristen Bell opens up about her switch from vegetarian to vegan, and Blink 182’s drummer shares how a vegan diet saved him after a health scare.

PINK gained 55 pounds during her pregnancy with daughter Willow Sage, born June 2024. She worked the weight off during the past year with daily exercise and committing to a mostly vegan diet (admitting to some chicken and fish), as she told Shape Magazine this month. “I think my baby may be part cheesecake,” she said, joking about her boundless pregnancy diet. However, there was no cheesecake for mama after baby, unless it was animal-product free.

Yoga and cardio were key to her weight loss and regaining her firm and fit physique in the past year. As well, PINK uses P90X to keep her active and in shape during her lengthy trips on the road.

While having no baby weight to lose, Kristen Bell has also taken up an exclusively vegan diet and has reaped many health benefits, too. Practically a life-long vegetarian, adopting the diet when she was 11, the 32-year-old actress told Shape her biggest hurdle so far has been giving up cheese. Her fiancé and fellow actor Dax Shepard has talked to Playboy about his own vegan diet before, and Kristen credits him with helping her make the jump. With a garden of her own, having fresh produce makes it easy to prepare one of the healthy vegan recipes she finds online.

In addition to her meat-free diet, Kristen says she’s able to stay in Gossip Girl shape thanks to her regular fitness regimen that includes Pilates, hiking, running, and strength training.

There are nearly 20 percent more female vegetarians than there are males*, but that doesn’t mean it’s a girls-only club. This past year, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker was faced with some startling news about his health. After a doctor told him his stomach had eight ulcers, a condition that developed from that, and pre-cancerous cells in his throat because of his smoking habit, he made some major changes. The rocker says he quit everything and felt immediate relief.

The new vegan credits his diet with helping his recovery and new-found wellness. Spending a lot of time on the road, he told that he juices a lot and gets in as much vegan protein as he can. He admits to slips once in a while, for instance egg whites for breakfast when he really needs a protein boost. He called his wake-up call a second chance, and he’s certainly not taking it for granted.

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