Robin Quivers Believes Veggie Diet Helped Her Beat Cancer and Return to Howard Stern

Last week, Robin Quivers returned to the Howard Stern show after literally phoning it in for the last 17 months while she battled a rare form of uterine cancer. The 61-year-old co-host, news anchor and cohort of the self-proclaimed King of All Media credits her post 9/11 diet for helping her through months of chemotherapy. She recently released a book that details the healthy lifestyle she adopted and how she believes it saved her life, “The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life.”

The Vegucation of Robin Quivers

When she received her cancer diagnosis, it’s no surprise the first person Robin called was Howard Stern, afterall, she has worked alongside him for more than 20 years. What might surprise some is the way the often polarizing shock-jock reacted, “Howard told me that he was going to get me the best help, the most up-to-date treatment and anything else I needed,” Quivers recently told the Daily News. “I don’t think I would be here at all if it weren’t for Howard.”

Though Stern may have pointed her to the best oncologists, Robin is adamant her pre-cancer diet helped her through the healing process (Quivers underwent a 12-hour surgery to remove a grapefruit-sized tumor that was pressing on her bladder). “Basically, I went in strong,” she said. Though Robin is often the dead-pane comedienne to her boss’ off-color jokes, she’s very serious when she talks about the emotional affect the terrorist attacks of 9/11 had on her. Fearing she would be someone who would’ve needed to be saved that day, because she was unhealthy, overweight, and could not have saved herself, she made the decision to find a better path.

The Vegucation of Robin is not a diet book, though it does contain 90 of her favorite vegan recipes. By switching to a plant-based diet, Robin initially wanted to break the cycle of obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes that plagued her own family. She rejected the idea that things simply happen to the body as it ages and people are helpless to stop it.

Robin’s book, advertised on as a, “Vegan cookbook and manifesto,” has only been on the shelves a few days yet the comment section is already riddled with negative one-star comments. Most early reviewers are crying foul about the book being a real representation of Ms. Quivers actual dieting habits and point to shameless self-promotion instead. Would you expect a book associated with Howard Stern, a man who once descended on to an MTV Music Video Awards stage in butt-less chaps to be anything other than controversial? While the jury is still out on whether Robin’s advice is sage, we agree that increasing vitamin-loaded plant-based foods and shedding high-cholesterol processed foods is a good idea for anyone.

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