The Colors of Fall Point to the Healthiest Foods

Guest blogger, Vicki L. VanArsdale is a freelance writer, certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. By adopting a healthy and active lifestyle, she has lost 100 lbs. Her mission is to motivate and inspire people through her actions and words. Get healthy from the inside, out is her motto. Learn more on Vicki’s blog.

Fall brings cooler weather and beautiful fall foliage on the East coast, which is why it’s my favorite season. In addition, I love the food. Hearty and healthy soups and stews come to life and herbal teas bring comfort. Besides apples and squash, some of my favorite fall foods are figs, pumpkin and cranberries. Other fall favorites are beets, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. These are all nutritional superstars, which should be part of any healthy diet. 

Pumpkins are bright orange for a reason. They’re full of beta carotene, an antioxidant which helps fight harmful free radicals. They’re low in calories, and high in fiber, iron and potassium. They make a great addition to soups and stews, or in various healthy dessert recipes. Try this pumpkin pie oatmeal recipe for a low calorie and satisfying start to your morning.

Figs are beautiful and delicious. There is nothing better than a fresh fig. They’re high in fiber and iron too. Besides their festive color, cranberries fend off urinary tract infections and have shown promise for their antiviral properties. They’re high in Vitamin C. They’re tart and make a great addition to salads or fruit compote. One of my favorite cranberry dishes is homemade, healthy cranberry “sauce.”

Beets are low-calorie, sweet and delicious. They are best roasted or in salads. They’re high in folate and potassium, and they help fight cancer. Cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts and cabbage are black belts in the fight against cancer. They’re also high in vitamins and fiber.

Add some of these healthy fall foods to your repertoire. Your body will thank you.

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