The Doctors Discuss the Peanut Butter Recall and Roseanne’s Bid for President

Tune in Wednesday, October 24 as The Doctors talk peanut butter, health headlines, and Roseanne Barr’s campaign for president.

The peanut butter recall, traced to products manufactured by Sunland Inc., has infected 36 so far, although no fatalities have been reported. Most were children, and eight people required hospitalization. The Doctors talk about what products are recalled, from ice cream to granola bars to peanut butter moon pies.

Next on The Doctors are shocking health headlines that may make you cringe. They examine new health dilemmas caught on tape, like the bagel head documentary, Japan’s beauty trend that injects saline into people’s skin to make a temporary bagel shape appear on their forehead.

Lastly, Roseanne Barr, best known for her sitcom Roseanne, has turned to more serious subjects as she runs for president for the Peace and Freedom Party. Her biggest agenda item? To end the war on drugs by legalizing marijuana. “Yes We Cannabis” is her battle cry, and The Doctors weigh in on their thoughts about her campaign.

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