Biggest Loser 7: Ron Morelli

Keep up with Ron’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Ron joins partner and son Mike during the show’s seventh season.

Age 54

Hometown South Lyon, MI

Occupation City Councilman, Retired Food Distributor

Teammate Mike Morelli, son

Team Color Brown

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 430

Final Weight 238

Total Loss -192


  • Has had gastric bypass surgery previously
  • Biggest single week weight loss (-32 pounds) in the show’s history during week 1
  • Team lost most weight week 1, won immunity
  • Completed a marathon in week 18 in 13:15:48


  • “Being on the Biggest Loser ranch, for me, is like the fountain of youth.” – Week 3
  • “If I fall down are you going to pick me up?” asked Ron, to which Helen replied “Yeah, I’m strong now!” – Week 7


Other Spellings Ronn, Ronald, Ronny, Marelli, Moreli, Morelly


66 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Ron Morelli

dlz says:

When was his gastric bypass, and what happened that he gained weight back?

Amelie Holbrook says:

He gained his weight back because he extorted $ from his insurance company (which ultimately hurts all of us) then figured out how to “eat around” the bypass. I have a family member who did this, and it’s totally gross.These people sign up for the surgery, then do everything they can to make sure it doesn’t work. $25K+ down the drain because these people are such pigs. The result is that insurance companies are reluctant to approve this surgery to folks who would never behave this way, plus our health care system has to absorb the costs associated with these obese pigs. Sickening.

Tricia says:

I wonder that too. I too had gastric bypass a year ago and just don’t understand how anyone can gain that much weight back. I don’t even look at food the same way; 5 bites and I feel like I’ve even my whole house still a year out from surgery!

webgoddess says:

Ron is the person to beat this year; with his gastric bypass he’s going to be able to lose weight faster than everyone else. That is a great competitive advantage. Just look at his first week’s weight loss! The biggest one-week weight loss ever in the history of TBL!

shrinkingchick says:

I am really just curious if he gained weight back, or if he just stopped losing. He has a lot of hanging skin, so I am wondering if he didn’t start his journey 1 or 200 pounds heavier than he is now and has sat at a plateau because he stopped working the tool? I do think this gives him a HUGE advantage.

Donna says:

I worked with Ron a couple of years back and he is a super person. He is just as great as he seems on the show. All of us in Lansing are glued to the TV every Tuesday to see how he’s doing!

Liz says:

Ron, probably regained his wt by graszing. Anyone having gastric bypass can gain wt back by grazing. THat is where you don’t sit for a meal but eat all the time. I had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago and am diligent on my eatting and exercise. If someone has bypass and they say that they can’t exercise cuz their knees hurt. That is why you get your butt in the pool and workout in the pool. I am sorry they are all excuses.

Will says:

Ron is not a great guy. He has manipulated that whole team and gets everyone but himself voted off. He sat there this week and watch a daughter vote her mother off. If he was half a man, he would have stepped up to the plate, said he could do it at home (because he lost 10 lbs there) and served himself up. That is why he sent Mandy home last week. He is a sorry excuse for a man.

Kim says:

Ron Is a Good Dad. To care about mike. i glad he on the bigger losser i now is hared to lost whigt is hard for me. see him every week in louisian

ronisthebiggestloser says:

This guy is a real manipulative dude. I can’t really hate him for pulling strings to help his son. There’s a good chance Mike will win thanks to Ron’s shennanigans. Still, it’s a little disgusting to watch.

He’s the weakest link on his team by far.

SFSD says:

I had the Gastric Bypass in 2002, i dropped down to 280 from 460, i now weigh 380, my problem was not how much i could eat, i still have a hard time with starches, potatoes, and pasta, i cant eat much without getting sick. my problem the others in my family are over wieghtm but my son, when tey dont care about how they are, i lost interesnt in doing the right things, even though i cant eat as much, i just eat at odd times and the wring things. as far as the show, its a game you do what you can to stay in, after all theres alot of money up for grabs. i would personally like to talk to ron, he and his son has inspired me to do well again. i have applied to be on the show a couple times. but i need the motivation.

Schmendrick says:

For those of you wondering about Ron’s inflated weight after the gastric bypass, understand: when he had the surgery, he weighed over 500 lbs. The procedure enabled him to lose 80+ lbs,to reach 430 lbs, but in order to reach a healthy weight, he was going to need physical training by someone who really knew what they were doing. Hence his application to “The biggest Loser”.

Also, for those who trash Ron for trying to stay on the show to help his son, who wouldn’t?! How proud would you be to are your own child accomplish such a staggering weight loss, AND become “The Biggest Loser”, AND you helped him to do it? That does not make him less of a man – it simply makes him more of a father.

Dan Moore says:

ron was friend of mine when he was in bridgeport hes one of the best people ive ever known good luck ron

Shawn says:

Anyone who says Ron is a loser, or whatever they want to call him is a loser themselves. Ron is by far the one who should be there at the end, anyone who has had his size/weight for how long he has had it and with bad knees, etc, should be praised for just being there, he had a chance, he could have just said I am not doing anything and get voted off. YOU GO RON !!! YOU RULE !!! You’re the only reason I watch BL, because he is like Lance Armstrong, even though he goes through more pain than anyone else maybe, he still there.

Brian says:

OMG…. why is Ron still in the house? I give him credit for “playing the game”, but if he makes it to the finals, I’ll be really disappointed. I have the feeling he’ll gain the weight back (I think he lacks “will” and “self-responsibility” to take control of his life). But I guess you can’t be mad at him… it’s his teammates who saved him and his son, over and over. He’s doing whatever it takes to keep he and his son in the house.

Louise says:

For those of you who trash Ron… you obviously have never had a weight problem, saying “they are all excuses” etc. Give the guy a break, give ALL these people a break!!! They were seriously overweight when they started this and they have stuck to it and it really shows. It’s stinking hard work to lose weight – just as difficult as it is for a naturally thin person to gain weight. Don’t put these people down, praise them for what they’ve accomplished and for who they are on the inside!!! And Brian, why will you be “really disappointed” if Ron makes it to the final? Whoever shows results deserves to make it though. To all the contestants, you are awesome and should be so proud of yourselves.

LLoyd says:

Ron…what an immature piece of crap this guy is. He fancies himself a pseudo-mafiosa controlling the “house” with his bullying and sullen demeanor – when in fact he is nothing but a fat control freaking sow. South Lyon should be ashamed having this creep for a councilman. He is what he aspires to be…a Big LOSER!

Leah says:

Thank you so much Shawn and Louise for trying to set this idiotic people straight! All of you stupid idiots who are saying Ron is using excuses and manipulating people you obviously must not pay attention or you are just jealous because he’s doing so well! It is really difficult for him because he has TWO bad knees, as some of you saw last week, he went to the HOSPITAL because he COULDN’T BREATHE!!! You stupid people need to get a brain check because if you saw this week’s episode you would have seen that he lost NINE pounds and that is really good! He is doing the best he can! He is working his butt off and I think you idiots need to appreciate that instead of criticize! Thanks again Shawn and Louise for being truthful and nice and smart.

Shawn says:

Thanks Leah, Louise is my wife, and we both appreciate the compliments. Thanks Ron for speaking with my the other evening – You are awesome, sorry it was so late I called, lost track of time.

fat dad fan says:

“i am a fat dad! i am a fat dad!” we love ron and we want him to win! we love how when his shirt is off the udders look the exact same! and last week when they had to climb those stairs, ron was just standing around snapping pictures! LOVE THE FAT DAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Getridofronnow says:

At the beginning of the show, I had total respect for Ron. However, since Dane left, I have nothing but hatred towards him. I am very disturbed that he wants to get rid of other contestants who show more athleticism than him? Or is it because he was never skinny at some point in his life and the others were? Also, I don’t see him in many last chance workouts. Yes, he may have two bad knees from all the weight that he carried (and he blames it on himself), but that’s not enough in my vote.

May be if he would have completed the unofficial half marathon, Ron would have my respect again, but it’s too little too late!

By the way, I completed a half marathon in California (a very skinny athletic state home of the BL!) at the same time he completed 4 miles of the BL Half Marathon 1:53:24. Ron, if you’re reading this, you’re one word … WIMP!

Dima says:

Sorry – Ron is BUGGING ME. HE is the hypocrite. First he tells Mike to “pretend” like he is all buddy-buddy with Sione and Filipe and in the next sentence he says if you show one face in public and another in private (referring to Filipe and Sione), it will come back and bite you in the What a joke.

misses piggy says: sure rons a nice guy OUTSIDE of the tv show, but he shouldve been gone a LONG time ago!
Im sorry but how many times has he fallen BELOW the yellow line?
Rons gotta go.
He wont change anyway.
You can tell, once he gets back home..its pizza delivery from here on out.

Louise says:

This is for “Getridofronnow”
If you’re so good, why didn’t you complete a full marathon? You’re a heartless jerk!
GO RON!!!!

Mensawarrior says:

Ron-Lobster is an evil genius. He talks about Tara wanting an extra vote with Laura…but uh-oh, doesn’t he want the power of two when it comes to him and sonny-boy? And regarding fitness-to-compete, Ron wimps out of every physical thing asked of him. With NO PENALTY!!!! He gives up and his pseudo-authoritative analysis of “who needs to leave” every week makes me sick. Did you know he is a city bureaucrat? He is used to playing politics and holding on to a position. Why no one said his comment about people who voted for him to go should “die” is unacceptable and poor gamesmanship is beyond me. Hate you Ron-lobster. What lies under your shirt is a nachtmaer.

why says:

I think Rod is playing cool! Dont you all forget this is a GAME and there is a PRIZE.
I think Ron is the best and he is a great DAD.
Go Ron and Mike! GO brown team!!

Kris says:

I can’t stand Ron. What a jerk – just finished telling Kristin how committed he is to her then secretly tells Mike how to get rid of her. Be a man and be open about your intentions.

Kris says:

And now you lie. Yes you did know that Mike was voting for Kristin but sat right there and said you didn’t. I really question your character. You bilked your insurance company for the bypass procedure and wasted it by grazing yourself right back into morbid obesity. And you sit there so annoyingly intoning about “my son.” What a terrible example you are for him.

Michelle says:

Get a grip people………this is a GAME! People will do whatever it takes to win the GAME. That’s all Ron is doing.

Lobstrosity says:

Mensawarrior is the best for saying what I always think. He looks like a bloody lobster! I am so glad they keep their shirts on again. Ron is a game player, but he does not practice good sportsmanship. How dare he judge Felipe, Sione, given the unethical shenanigans he has orchestrated. He has NO discipline, and it is shameful how he let both of his sons get HUGE. Mike’s legs will never be properly oriented due to the inordinate amount of weight they were trained to bear. As far as I’m concerned that is child abuse. If you are an adult, and you elect to be morbidly obese, that is your prerogative. If you are facilitating children to become obese, you are an abuser. The mom is equally responsible. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as undeserving of such a prized opportunity on that ranch as Ron. You can almost see the dollar signs in his eyes! He sandbags at every turn, and HE WILL…BACKSLIDE.

Jules says:

Ron is all of what Lobstrosity said. He is a disgusting hog, how did he and his wife allow those boys to become gigantic obese young men. Mike must be afraid of that guy, voting for whomever daddy “lobsterman” tells him to vote for. THANK GOD, Mike appears to be honest, unlike that SOB Ron. Ron you are a spineless . I hope Tarra kicks Mikes butt just to show you.

James says:

I don’t understand how Mike can go to his father and blame him. , you became overweight because of YOUR decisions, he wasn’t controlling you.

The only problem I have with Ron is he is too manipulative.
Sure, it’s strategic, but don’t sit there and tell the poor girl that your going to keep her, then tell your son to make sure he votes her out, just so that HE looks like he is such a great man who keeps his word. Psh, I’m glad we saw what he was trying to hide by whispering to Mike, wonder what Kristen and her mom think of him now?

Whatever, I honestly don’t care. Mike and Tara are going to the end, so not like it matters. Just as long as him and Felipe lose, Im good.

Ron Is Bad says:

Ron may be a fine person in private life but as portrayed on the program, he is a complete and utter douche. He should have been gone long ago.

Viewer says:

Ron and Mike behaved badly on Tuesday. If Ron had promised her mom to protect her, he should do all in his power to do so, or at least be honest and say ‘I have made a promise to your mom, but Mike has not’. Don’t tell her you will speak to your son to help her and then do the opposite and then LIE about it. Also Mike, though he wanted to win, was a coward in voting Kristen off for that reason. Win like a man not a mouse.

elizabeth says:

i’ve read every comment in this and i have to say, some of your comments stink. if you’re over weight then you know how hard it can be to lose weight especially with health problems. ron is an inspiration to me. he reminds me of my dad except this man stood up and decided to lose his weight. my dad passed away because he had two strokes from being over weight. ron has pain to deal with more than anyone on this show and he still tries. he deserves to be the biggest loser because of his determination and drive to keep going; even after a trip to the hospital. he doesn’t give up and at the same time is trying to help his son. that makes him a great dad and i hope he wins. i’d love to meet ron just to tell him how proud i am to see him keep going and not give up. so for all you “ron haters”, keep hating because your just jealous over his accomplishments!!!

Kris says:

Ron’s behavior cannot all be excused by describing it as “game play”. He is being unnecessarily dishonest. Why did he have to lie to Bob about encouraging Mike to vote for Kristen? There is no reason. Jerk.

Louise says:

Elizabeth, I agree completely!!! What horrible people some of these people are, with such hurtful comments. In my opinion, all the remaining contestants are winners! What a huge accomplishment!

Paul says:

Ron you are such deceitful bastard. I hope Tara wipes the floor with weasel you call a son.

Mensawarrior says:

Oh, Ron-Lobster, how you intrigue and repulse me. This week’s “dose” of Ron-Lobster wisdom was perfect – too bad that Hay-Hair and Tara bought it. Did you catch the ruse? When Ron-Lobster fell below the line, his comment to the women was….well, vote whoever you think the biggest threat is off the show. And, unfortunately, they fell for that. Brilliant strategy, Ron. That was not the issue – the true issue was that this was statistically the last time to bust up that voting bloc. With 4 remaining, and two people who will always be in synch, well….work the probabilities. And that smarmy comment by Mike, “my dad’s playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.” Does anyone else want to see these petty game-players knocked off the show? I would even – gag- wish to see Hay-Hair win over the Morelli-Dee and Morelli-Dum.

Rosie says:

Ron pay no attention at all to the vicious comments that are made about you. The savy peeps know what the Editors do to Contestants on this program, and try to focus on the underlying person and their accomplishments. I personally think you are a wonderful role model to any person with physical pain or limitations and have shown that even with these you were able to lose the weight. Congratulations and I’m wishing you and both of your sons every success with your weight journeys.

Sally says:


you are a role model of a rather. You should write a book to help others through their weight loss saga.

You went off almost all your meds! You and your son lost over 300 lbs! A team made it to the final 4!!! Go ron go! You broke the cycle of obesity and are a role model.

Steve says:

That’s right

kris thames says:

i want ron to win this on the losser tonight becuse the lord will bless you the thing that you do and i pray that you will win this their is some boby out their is pray for you that me i see you on the bigger lossser

Monkey says:

Ron isn’t even a shell of a man. His sons are cowards, because he has taught them to be coward wimps!!!

GOTCHA! says:

Ron is a coward and stinky. His sons will both follow in his footsteps, they are doomed thanks to their old man. Ron’s cowardly acts show his depth as a person. Everyone who has said he is a good guy, shows how gullible they are. Ron and his family are nothings, and they will remain nothings… His son Mike is following in his dad’s cowardly shoes. I will bet my house that Mike will gain the weight right back after the show ends. That’s just his poor genetics and the way he was raised! That is definately the fate of young fattie Mikey.

GOTCHA! says:

Ron’s body is a mess, he looks like he has been hit with a grenade!

Lee says:

shut the hell up you moron! ron has lost 151 pounds on two bad knees and one bad shoulder. He may not be my favorite contestant but he has done what he’s needed to stay. and I guarantee you that neither Mike nor Ron will gain the weight back. Mike will be going to college and he will likely be in the campus gym every day.

Jim says:

Ron has been manipulative in the gameplay, yes. He’s not the only one who played the game, but he has been better at it. Yes, I’ve cringed a couple of times at his antics on vote night, but in the history of the show he’s far from the worst of the schemers. (see Vicki from last season.)

Yes, he wants Mike to win, but they’ve also put in the work. Ron and Mike BOTH beat the previous record for most weight lost on the show. This despite Ron’s age (54) and handicaps (knees); he’s EARNED that weight loss. He even toughed his way through the full marathon last night; that showed amazing courage and determination, and stamina – moving 280 pounds 26.2 miles would be tough for anyone. So, all in all, I have enormous respect for Ron, and for Mike. Whatever brought them to the campus, they’ve done the work, lost the weight, and made it to the final four.

We’ve had a great cast this season, Ron included. I admire the man for what he’s accomplished; he inspires me to persist in my own efforts.

GOTCHA! says:

Ron’s body is an insult to the word body, that man is a dump truck!

GOTCHA! says:

OHHH OOHHHHH TWO BAD KNEES, waaaaahhhh. Then he shouldn’t be on the show if he can’t compete in any challenges. Its not fair to the overweight people who need the help and can compete in the challenges. In exactly a year from the date of the finale, Mike will weigh 314 lbs. and climbing. In two years he will weigh 405, and be in all the trouble healthwise again.

Lexie says:

omg ron i am all the way with you although i love your son but your finished that marathon omy rom i l y

Sione , pls don’t call him the Godfather! Manipulative more like it. Ron, walk do yourself a favor. Quit hiding behind your sons. Don’t you think it’s a little too late for that ? So, you have bad knees, find something else!! Lazy!! On national television, what a cop out??! And all of you who support him, he had a gastric bypass, he should have stuck by his regulated diets and formulated especially for “him” program(s). He did not! Kiss my polynesian butt! Best wishes to you Sione.

GOTCHA is an idiot says:

I love Ron and Mike – what a great relationship they have. Of course Ron is playing the game to have his son win – wouldn’t you? Much better than Helen who sent her very heavy daughter home so she could stay (horrible mom). I think Ron is a great guy – who else could be in the bottom two so many times and still not get voted out. The marathon the other night was incredible – shame on the show for forcing such extremes – but horray to Ron for walking 13hrs. Wow! Talk about wanting to make up for past mistakes with his sons – he hit it out of the park.

GOTCHA! says:

Ron didn’t hit anything out of the park! You can’t make up 18 years of bad parenting and filthy eating habits by walking 13 hrs. Ron and Mike don’t deserve anything at all. Tara deserves the first, second, and third place money. Ron is selfish. Did you see what happened right when they left the ranch, both Ron and Mike were below the yellow line. That’s a sign of things to come, they will both fall back into there old patterns of eating again. Right after the weigh in Ron and Mike will start gaining weight again, because Tara will have won biggest loser and Ron’s statement about,” his son will win this whole thing”, will be a lie to the nation. They will both be depressed and fall into there old habits again. I predict in two years they both will be heavier than when they first came to the ranch!!!

kim says:

Hi Ron

I know is hread to loss the wight i have a lot tropben myself in live in lousisana lot good food here, keep up the good work

Mensawarrior says:

Well, well, well. We have come almost to the end of this Journey. And believe me if I never hear the word “journey” applied to weight loss that would suit me fine. Ron-Lobster, the city councilman reminds me of the guy on Parks and Recreation. A real “not my department, not my job” kind of guy. And he fancies himself a game-player. That is patently ludicrous. When you think of the Biggest Loser/Winner, I think it should be someone who really “gets it” and will carry that burning desire forward. That is Tara. The Morelli Morass will defeat both of the sons…I too would call that a sure bet. Bad habits, a cop-out attitude, slovenly thinking. The troika of doom. Any thoughts about Jillian? The whole “you gotta let loose a little when a friend is in town” is a very different tune than the one she sang when the team went out to dinner and got schnockered. Tara’s my girl. Selfless to her Mom. A beauty outwardly and inwardly.

melissa says:

Thanks leah ur right they are to think that i was rootin for ron all the way he needed this! and he needs to be there for max and mike…. im so happy he is doin so good! i dont knw wat id do if my dad wasnt there for me and now mw and my dad are on the right track to losing big! – melissa from fl

Mia says:

Great job Ron – Keep up the good work!!!

sharen says:

Its no wonder your son did so well. You are the best support a father can give. You guys are the biggest inspiration to everyone. Its not about losing the weigh but seeing your dream come true and believing you deserve living a great and healthy life. You guys give big hopes and dreams. It makes everyone want to do better and be better. Way to go!!! Good Job

sharen says:

Hey GOTCHA , I think you will be obese in 2 years. Your jealousy and negative comments are a reflection on yourself. Ron and Mike are really the TRUE WINNERS and inspiration to everyone stuggling with weight. I know Ron and Mike and the rest of their family will do well in life and continue the road forward.

GOTCHA! says:

Ron is a slob, he has done nothing to lose this weight. Remember he has had gastric bypass(the easy way out), all he did was not mow mow everything he saw and he lost. That would explain why he never worked out and still lost weight. While everyone else had to work for their weight loss, Ron sat back and controlled the gluttoning aspect and lost. It’s really sad how people cheer him on, he is a child abuser.

SueW says:

Gastric bypass IS NOT the “easy way out”. You would not say this if you knew what those patients go through, even the successful ones. Ron had a BMI over 50 when he got his bypass. According to a 10 year study, 34 % of pts with BMI over 50 regain all or most of the initial wt loss. Dr Terry Simpson ( says success in any weight loss surgery is 10 % the surgery, 90 % the patient. I felt Ron was too manipulative but you have to give him credit for courage and sticking to it. Please don’t judge. Ron found out (like many other pts have) that surgery isn’t that effective. Surgery is sold like used cars these days.

GOTCHA! says:

First off, GASTRIC BYPASS IS THE EASY WAY OUT! You wouldn’t say that if the patients actually worked out to lose weight. Instead of just relying on the fact that their stomach is small. That’s why all these obese people turn to it, it’s the EASY way out. Can you imagine what your so called “people” would go through if they actually had to put the fork down and start moving and running on their own! Wouldn’t you agree that it’s the harder way to start working out on their own. And if you don’t how could you be so unintellegent? Why don’t you ask them which is harder? The truth of the matter is that it is easier to get cut up rather than actually having to put work in yourself. Obviously, or they would choose to work out, RIGHT?

bubbette says:

ron did a great job. he has inspired so many people. hope he continues to do well people should quit bassing him. he is at least trying to make amends for what he did to his boys.

Anonymous says:

Trying to make amends with his boys??????????????????

Would you say the same thing about a child molester, NO, because the kids are damaged for life right. Well guess what sister, his kids will fall back into their old habits GUARANTEED. He has demolished them, picture all the ridicule they have endured because of their dad and his terrible parenting. Picture how hard it will be for them to maintain a healthy weight, because of how they were raised. It will be nearly impossible, all they have known and been taught from birth is to eat until stuffed to the brim. Pack as much food in as possible, then lie on the couch to digest. They have more struggles ahead that people don’t realize because of their fathers child abuse. Everyone just sees them saying, “Oh I will never go back to that lifestyle again.” They don’t realize that after the finale, and the lights go down, they will be on their own again. If they can keep it up that would be good, but I personally think with their genetics and all of the bad habits they have learned from their dad, that would be impossible.

Elise says:

I absolutely loved Ron and Mike and they were the main reason I watched the show. The relationship they had should be held as an example to all fathers and sons. The loving bond between them was something to see and I am glad for their success in losing weight.

It’s a game and Ron played it to the best of his ability. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Losing and winning at the same time?

I would have loved to have met them and talked to them to get some inspiration and motivation.

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