Jay-Z Supports Beyonce’s Vegan Pregnancy Diet

Beyonce is pregnant with her first baby, and she’s determined to keep her bootylicious figure. The 30-year old pop singer is due with her first baby in February, and she’s chosen to eat a mostly vegan diet to keep her weight in check. Her husband, 42-year old rapper Jay-Z, has decided to support her by following the same diet. She’s made this choice after hearing from friends who’ve counseled her to not make the same mistakes that they did during pregnancy.

In the past, the singer has been known to struggle with her weight. In 2006, she lost 20 pounds in 14 days using Master Cleanse, although it’s not a diet she’d recommend. Reportedly, she gained back all of the weight that she lost, plus extra.

Husband Jay-Z isn’t feeling any negative affects from following his wife’s dietary choice, and both have reported to have experienced an increase in energy. It’s not clear how the megastars classify a diet as “partially vegan”, but it appears that they are taking a great step towards beginning healthy choices for their growing family!

Many women who are vegans have a difficult time meeting their growing dietary needs during pregnancy. Paying strict attention to the increased needs of your body for iron, protein and calcium is necessary, and many women find that they have increased energy and less worry about their nutritional needs by adding supplements to their diet. Following your doctor’s recommendations and staying within the parameters of the weight chart, no matter what diet choice you make, will help you to have an easier time with your weight after the delivery.

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