Nutrisystem Success Launches Today

Nutrisystem sample foodsThe popular meal delivery program Nutrisystem will be launching a new program this evening, called Nutrisystem Success. Details of the program are still forthcoming, however, it appears that a major feature on the program will be improved physical activity plans and transition support. Nutrisystem Success focuses more on helping clients transition off the diet and maintain their weight loss. Sustaining weight-loss is often a weak point for meal delivery programs, because many people have a hard time continuing to make healthy choices once they stop receiving daily meals. The new program will also help clients exercise more, with “My Daily 3” personalized activity plans.

The company is also touting fresh-frozen Chef’s Table entrees, created by “award-winning” chefs. Meals will cost about $9.00 each, with over 130 options from which to choose. Meal replacement bars and shakes are a staple of the Nutrisystem’s weight loss plan, which has announced a newly re-formulated protein shake.

Established in 1972, Nutrisystem offers a number of different programs, including ones tailored to fit the needs of vegetarians and diabetics. Many people find it to be a convenient way to diet, because the individually packaged meals take the guesswork out of portion control, while saving time on grocery shopping.

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