Top Celebrity Diet and Weight Loss News of 2020

No one’s weight is more scrutinized or weight loss practices more imitated than the Hollywood crowd. With personal budgets that allow for the best training, cooks, and food, not to mention the freedom in scheduling to make time for working out, it’s no wonder these stars have enviable figures. But as Sandra Bullock told InStyle Magazine, and we’re sure other actresses would agree, she “gets paid to stay in shape.” hollywood

Based on page views at, these are the top 20 celebrity, and celebrity-related, diet and weight loss stories of 2020. Some stars got in shape, and others got out of shape. Either way, these are the stories we were most interested in hearing about.

1. Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper Discuss Biggest Loser

2. Rush Limbaugh Loses Weight with Quick Weight Loss Centers

3. The Most Popular Celebrity Detox Diets

4. Katie Holmes’ Scientology Detox Diet Raises Concerns

5. Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Clean” 3-Week Detox Diet

6. Janet Jackson Battling Weight Again

7. Kirstie Alley Discusses Her Weight Gain on Oprah

seth rogen weight8. Seth Rogen Slims Down, Angers Some

9. Sherri Shepherd’s Weight Loss with Fresh Diet

10. Bar Rafaeli’s Swimsuit Issue Diet

11. Get Jennifer Aniston’s Sleek Yoga Arms

12. The Muhammad Ali Workout

13. Barack Obama’s Inaugural Luncheon Recipes

14. Celebrities Who’ve Battled Eating Disorders

15. Kate Winslet’s Secret to Staying Thin

16. The Mike Tyson Workout

17. Alison Sweeney’s New Baby and Post-Pregnancy Workout

18. Raven-Symone Defends Her Weight and Inspires Young Girls

19. Singer Wynonna Judd New Alli Spokesperson

20. Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet on The View

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