Valerie Waters’ Fitness Background

Valerie Waters is an American personal fitness trainer who lives in Los Angeles and has been offering fitness and workout regimes to celebrities for seventeen years. She is best known for being “Hollywood’s Hot Trainer,” according to US Weekly and for her amazing diet and fitness plan, Red Carpet Ready.

The Red Carpet Ready diet is a three-day detox program that helps uses lose weight rapidly, reduce bloat, and boost energy. The diet supplements are composed of three blends of herbs. There is not an exercise component to this diet.

Valerie has also created an exercise tool called Valslides. Valslides are portable foam or plastic disks that users can use to perform sliding moves that tone their abs, thighs, and butts.

When it comes to exercise, Valerie has a “get in, get out, and get on with your life” approach. Her workout programs are based on accelerated circuit training sessions and can be quit challenging. Some of her celebrity clients include Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, and Cindy Crawford.

Following Valerie’s fitness programs will not make you bulk up with muscle. Instead, she focuses on helping all clients achieve an athletic, toned, and lean look. She also helps clients translate their emotions into a customized workout, which leads to both a mental and a physical transformation.

In addition to doing one-on-one training, Valerie likes to work with various organization in an effort to help the general public stay fit and healthy. She has also been featured in many magazines, such as Self and Vanity Fair, where her fitness and health tips are shared with the masses.

Watch one of Valerie’s workout videos here.

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