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Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars

Dozens of celebrities have shimmied their way into thinner bodies.

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Dancing with the Stars is just one of the latest media mega hits to enjoy widespread popularity with home television viewers. By combining professional dancers with B-list celebrities, Dancing with the Stars is a show in which everybody watching feels they can relate.

The thrill of watching people compete, especially in sexy shoes, can easily become a compulsion. As the viewership increased, so did the awareness that these celebrities were getting fitter and smaller with each passing show.

While not a diet per se, Dancing with the Stars has spawned several “tell all” stories about weight loss, including Marie Osmond, who combined her dancing regimen with NutriSystem, and John O’Hurley, who became the poster-boy for dancing and weight loss as the first celebrity champion at the beginning of the season’s run. Even the slender Jenny Garth, of 90210, danced into a sexier figure.

Several of the principle “non-celebrity” dancers have also provided insights to their typical food intake, online and in print.

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  • Dancing with the Stars is not a diet, but a lifestyle

  • Dancing is fun and motivational

  • Dancing with the Stars DVD and Nintendo Wii game bring cardio dancing right to your living room

  • Dancing with the Stars is not a formal diet with how-tos or tips

  • Healthy eating must be combined with physical activity for weight loss to be realized


Dancing with the Stars has created much buzz about the weight loss benefits of the sport. Some of the celebrities have shared their personal diets, but no one specific diet related to DWTS has been created.


Dancing is arguably one of the most efficient methods of physical activity for weight loss. By combining activity within all major muscle groups, dancing features tremendous cardiovascular benefits. In addition, the position that the body requires when maintaining dance moves, including: holding head up, shoulders back, ribcage in; all dramatically alter both your own perception of your body, as well as the perception of you by others. In a short period of time, by dancing daily in a ballroom fashion, one can see dramatic changes both in body composition (fat/muscle ratio) as well as body image and appearance.


Dancing with the Stars is not necessarily a diet, but rather, a lifestyle. Dancers have a heightened sense of awareness regarding food intake, and will often use food journaling as part of their daily routine. While diets come in a variety of packages, at their core, they are all a method for increasing awareness about one’s food intake, which will in turn, contribute to weight loss.

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I got the dvds and the women is good with instructions but,the guy moves to fast and does not pace to show you how.I was lost after few times.Good thing it cost 10 bucks shall get my money back and get hand weights instead.

posted Jun 17th, 2010 6:02 pm



i was so inspired by marie osmonds weight loss that i started taking dance classes in my town. i've lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks! cha-cha-cha

posted Oct 4th, 2008 5:55 pm



posted May 28th, 2008 12:19 pm


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