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Don't Go Broke Weight Loss Plan

Don't Go Broke Weight Loss Plan

A practical and affordable approach to weight loss that's been proven to work.

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Some diets not only ask a lot of you but they can also sink your wallet. For all of those dieters out there who are on a budget, here’s a diet for you. Created by medical doctor and weight-struggler turned success story, Dr. Kalvin Chinyere, the Don’t Go Broke weight loss plan consists of 6 e-books that you download onto your computer. Each of the books are sequential and prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally to lose weight without spending tons of money.

Dr. Chinyere believes that healthy food that keeps you slim does not have to be expensive. He is no stranger to weight problems. As a heavy child and then as a morbidly obese adult, Dr. Chinyere topped the scales at 330 pounds. Seeing his own patients die from obesity-related diseases, inspired him to change his life around. After pouring over medical journals and studies on successful weight loss strategies, he lost 140 pounds. He has now taken his recipe for success and created a weight loss plan to help anyone lose weight by not spending hundreds of dollars on diet foods, exercise equipment or membership fees.

The Don’t Go Broke weight loss plan centers on behavior modification strategies, inexpensive nutrition strategies, and inexpensive exercise strategies. Each of the e-books focuses on a certain topic and guides you toward making the best choices- whether it is choosing what to eat, how to grocery shop or how to exercise. The six areas that comprise each of the e-books are instructions for mental preparedness, exercise, nutrition, shopping guides, recipes, and health foods.

You can expect to lose between one half and one pound per week while on the Don’t Go Broke weight loss plan.

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  • Don’t Go Broke weight loss plan is an inexpensive program to purchase and follow

  • Created by a medical doctor who was also obese

  • Includes sound nutrition and exercise information

  • Includes strategies for long-term weight loss success

  • Does not include any gimmicks or magic-pill weight loss tools

  • Easily accessible with online download

  • Promotes exercise

  • Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss plan requires access to a computer

  • Not a customized diet plan


The Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Plan contains a tremendous amount of information to help you eat right, shop smartly and lose weight. Three of the e-books contain nutrition or food-related information: The Nutrition Guide, The Shopping Guide and the Guide to Healthy Foods.

It also includes information on how to boost your metabolism like drinking green tea and coffee, eating hot or spicy foods, and consuming protein and low glycemic foods.

It provides a list of more than 300 inexpensive healthy foods available at most grocery stores, as well as more than 100 healthy and inexpensive recipes and meal ideas. All foods and recipes come with their nutritional data.


Like any effective plan for weight loss, The Don’t Go Broke weight loss plan includes a strong exercise component. You will be required to exercise on most days of the week using a combination of aerobic and strength training routines.

The guide shows you how to accomplish all of this without spending a lot of money on exercise equipment or gym membership fees. Instead, you'll be using furniture and items you already have like chairs and water-filled containers for strength-training exercises.

The exercise e-book will guide you along your exercise routine. It includes information on which equipment you should use, which exercises you should do, ways to burn more calories during the day and ways to speed up your metabolism. Helpful hints like taking the stairs at work, removing the batteries of your television remote control to manually change the TV channels and cleaning your house are suggested to increase your daily caloric expenditure.


The Don’t Go Broke weight loss plan is a common sense, no frills and practical guide to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Created by a medical doctor who has struggled with obesity and won, this healthy living program can be followed by someone seeking to shed some pounds or by someone who simply wants to healthy-up their lifestyle.

The program is not a drastic or time-consuming diet routine. It instead focuses on consistent exercise and smart eating habits that won’t make you go broke as you get healthy.


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cheryl espy

Practice, Perserverance, Patience. It works !!!

posted Jul 9th, 2008 5:48 pm

Nina Madden

I've seen Dr. Kal and its a great success story.

posted Jul 9th, 2008 10:05 am


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