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Dr. Amanda Don't Go Hungry Diet

Dr. Amanda Don't Go Hungry Diet

The new scientific approach to dieting, without starving.

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Dr. Amanda Sainsbury-Salis says, “Don’t Go Hungry!” Dr. Amanda is a molecular scientist who struggled with her own weight until she tuned-in to two mechanisms that were trying to tell her something- “The Famine Reaction” and the “Fat Reaction.”

By description, the Famine Reaction is the body’s way of telling you your food supply has become dangerously low. Thus, it begs for food. It demands that you eat. Dr. Amanda instructs us to satisfy this hunger, or we will continue to fight it. In fact, if it remains unsatiated, the urge will increase until it becomes so strong that we become doomed for failure. Dr. Amanda reminds us to eat until we are satisfied, so that we won't go hungry. She encourages us to focus on whole foods, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables. If the food we normally turn to is high on the Glycemic Index, she suggests we locate a food that is instead low on the index, thus increasing our ability to eat until satisfied, while producing long-term energy results.

The Glycemic Index is a well-known tool for deciphering the energy level carbohydrates produce. Foods high on the Glycemic Index will produce a rush of energy followed by an insulin-induced period of low energy. The reason? Highly processed carbohydrates turn quickly to sugar. Foods that are low on the Glycemic Index provide your body a sustained flow of energy and are far less likely to produce an insulin response, because all their energy is utilized for sustained activity. Foods included in the Low GI include whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Don’t Go Hungry diet began with Dr. Amanda’s own journey. She states that she “dieted herself fat.” Since diets were not the answer for her, and for millions like her, she put the subject through a scientific review, using her own body as the first test capsule. When she discovered her body was going to fight her when it believed her food supply was dangerously low, she decided to satisfy her hunger. By utilizing wholesome foods to accomplish this goal, her body responded with both weight loss and health. When she reached her goal, she discovered the partner to the Famine Response, the Fat Response. This delicate signaling system helps us understand that our bodies are satisfied with the amount of food we have consumed. Its ability to make us uncomfortable, should we over indulge, is just as important as the body begging for nutrients. Dr. Amanda believes that by responding to our body’s signals, we can all achieve and maintain our desired weight.

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This is a diet that can be utilized by following the outlines in Dr. Amanda’s books. In order to assist followers of her diet plan, she has a website that offers both tools and counseling.

  • Easy to follow book, outlining the diet.

  • No out-of-pocket expense for a diet-plan membership.

  • Website offers a personal journal, pedometer, newsletter and other support services.

  • Detailed explanation about what the diet entails is available in the FAQS section of the website.

  • Plan rich in scientific data.


This is neither a diet club nor a diet center. However, Dr. Amanda’s website is a work in progress and she is attempting to respond to both client requests and comments, in order to provide the best exchange of ideas and the best support possible.

  • This diet plan is a newcomer to the diet scene.

  • Support groups and peers who have used the diet are just now emerging.

  • Lacking online support


As stated, Dr. Amanda is a proponent of whole foods. Although there are no taboo lists, she believes it is self-evident that if you provide your body with nutritious whole foods in any variety, it will respond by evoking the clearest signals possible for both optimum health and weight control. It takes time to re-educate one’s body as to what foods correctly provide the energy it desires. Thus, Dr. Amanda limits no foods, but advises that, when the Famine Reaction hits, use whole foods to satisfy it, whenever possible. Treats are part of life and should be enjoyed, she believes.


Dr. Amanda is a true proponent of becoming as active as you can possibly be. In fact, she is excited to report that in her case, and in the case of everyone she has studied within this food plan, energy levels increase consistently and beg us to get out and enjoy new or favored activities.


Although this diet is a new comer, it promises to be a strong contender. First of all, it offers the kind of knowledge that helps us become familiarized with our body’s signals. Secondly, Dr. Amanda confirms that we weren’t crazy when we felt famished while dieting. Finally, by thoroughly educating us to the fact that our bodies are craving nutrients, not denatured foods, she assists us on our way to a healthier body and lifestyle.

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The best diet ever.

posted Oct 7th, 2008 7:06 am


There is a few interview with her on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ3CpQcMKuE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiT5i5qF1tk

posted May 31st, 2008 9:27 am


You can order the book from anywhere in the world on her website. It states there that it has not yet been released anywhere but in Australia

posted May 5th, 2008 8:38 am


Why isn't the book sold in United States yet ?

posted Mar 23rd, 2008 6:53 pm


This is the most sensible and realistic approach to weight loss I have seen in years. It all just makes so much sense backed up by scientific evidence and supported by someone who has lost the weight and kept it off for 9 years and counting. It is also a fantastic read...almost like my bible now. After years I am enjoying food again without guilt...and I feel slimmer already. Give it a go!!!!

posted Feb 27th, 2008 4:12 pm


She is not British, she is Australian.


I have not read the book but there is a sample of the book on www.dramandaonline.com. It is very interesting read.


I love this book. With the help of Dr.Amanda's research I have lost 20 kgs. I've never been able to do this before. This is my new way of eating for life.


I have brought the book and I couldn't put it down. It makes sense. I have started the diet today. This will be my new way of eating for sure


this seems simple enough. whole foods and listen to your body - why can't we figure this type of stuff out on our own?


dr. amanda really has got something here. this will be my 2008 diet of choice, I can't wait to get started


we can't figure it out ourselves unless you know the fat brake and famine reaction stages of your body.She explains what are they very well.


we can't figure it out ourselves unless you know the fat brake and famine reaction stages of your body.


A sensible diet. The book is a must read. It teaches you a lot of things about yourself and your diet, fat brake and famine reaction.


She is a respectable scientist.


I live in Canada and this book is not available in bookstores here yet. Is it that new that it hasn't made it here yet or do I just have to look harder?


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