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Eat Drink and Be Healthy

Eat Drink and Be Healthy

Is the U.S. government to blame for your weight gain?

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Walter Willett provides sincere advice and presents information to refute popular opinion about diet and weight loss. At the heart of his book, Eat, Drink and Be Healthy, he suggests that one of the primary culprits for the obesity trend in the U.S., especially amongst children, is the Food Pyramid created by the USDA. He says the pyramid does not provide realistic eating goals and as a result the American waistline keeps expanding.

Dr. Willett presents his version of the pyramid in Eat, Drink and Be Healthy. This simple guide will help you better understand what and how much you should be eating, as well as teach you to understand the role different foods play in your body.

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  • Author is a reputable expert in this field; affiliated with Harvard Medical School
  • Easy to read and understand
  • References current research
  • Lifestyle change, not a diet
  • Customize the plan to suit you
  • No restricted food groups
  • Refutes long-standing USDA Food Pyramid
  • Not a lot of guidance for exercise

Dr. Willett's recommendation is to eat more vegetables, complex carbs and healthy fats. And with portion control and moderation, you can actually eat more food without as many limitations. You can expect to eat whole grains, breads, pasta, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins/meat, low- or no-fat dairy, legumes and plenty of water. There is some allowance for alcohol.

Through Dr. Willett's research, he identifies controlling calories as one of the most important parts to losing weight. Keeping this in mind when he created Eat, Drink and Be Healthy, the plan guides you toward lower calorie options, without all the counting. Portion control is also key to maintaining a healthy caloric consumption.

The final chapter in Eat, Drink and Be Healthy provides several delicious recipes, that are satisfying and delicious.


Unlike the USDA Food Pyramid, Willett includes exercise on his. You'll find exercise to be an important part of the Eat, Drink and Be Healthy plan. Commit to at least half an hour of exercise each day. Find activities that you look forward to and you'll be more likely to continue.


A well-respected doctor and member of the Harvard Medical community, Dr. Walter Willett puts his spin on living healthy in his book Eat, Drink and Be Healthy. It's a fairly common-sense approach to diet that is not restrictive, allows you to tailor the ideas to best suit your needs, and most important, tries to discredit the Food Pyramid.

The USDA Food Pyramid has been under scrutiny for some time by critics. But even after a complete overhaul in recent years, Willett suggests it still does not reflect important research about food and diet, and leads Americans down an ill-informed path. Eat, Drink and Be Healthy makes it easy to understand recommendations that will help you lose weight and live healthier.

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I recently read this book and found it very interesting. I do struggle to lose weight, but have eaten this way for some time and at age 51 have no health problems, and my recent blood work came back showing absolutely no problems with anything. So, I'm sticking with Dr. Willett's philosophy...just have to watch the calories. Also, just came back from Italy, where we watched people pouring on the olive oil, but didn't see very many overweight people...interesting.


Dr. Willett is a genius. I love this book!


Straight to the point. This book pulls no punches and tells you exactly what you need to know.


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