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Eat This, Not That for Kids

Eat This, Not That for Kids

A kid- and family-friendly guide to outsmarting the food industry for a healthier lifestyle.

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Eat This, Not That! for Kids is the family-version of the mega popular, Eat This Not That, which focuses on getting adults to make smarter choices when it comes to eating and dining out. With childhood obesity and diabetes rates skyrocketing, authors David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine, and co-author Matt Goulding felt the need to create a pediatric version of their bestseller in order to help parents improve the health and eating habits of their children.

Eat This, Not That! for Kids offers detailed analysis and nutritional tips on thousands of the most popular food choices for kids. Covering the best and worst options available at the most popular restaurants in the country and in the supermarket aisles, the book includes lists on the worst kids meals in America, the not-so healthy, healthy kids' foods, the dos and don'ts of the soda and juice beverage-world and the foods that your children should eat everyday.

Eat This, Not That! for Kids is a guide, rather than a diet plan, for parents who are concerned about the eating habits of their kids.

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  • Contains important information on kid's eating habits and the food choices available to them
  • Contains suggestions and tips that are easy to incorporate into your child's daily eating plan
  • Helps parents make informed decisions about which foods to eat based upon nutritional content
  • Second book in best-selling series
  • Author is respected in the field
  • Great read for older children
  • Will teach children how to eat nutritiously
  • Promotes fitness for children
  • Eat This, Not That! for Kids does not offer a specific eating or diet plan for children

Eat This, Not That! for Kids contains a wealth of information on how to provide smart and healthy choices for your children. It is not a diet plan that forces your child to eat a set number of calories or fat grams each day, but rather it takes a hard look at the food industry that is created for children and provides accurate information on how healthy or unhealthy many of these foods really are.

Restaurant guides that rate chain restaurants on their healthy and kid-friendly options are included, as well as colorful and easy-to-read layouts that explain how to pack a healthy school lunch and how to make the right choices in the cereal aisle. The book also contains important information on how to select smart lunches at the school cafeteria and how to cook at home so that the whole family can enjoy healthy, balanced meals together.


Eat This, Not That! for Kids dedicates an entire chapter to the importance of fitness and physical activity. This section includes fun family activities that the entire family can participate in while they boost their metabolism, burn calories and feel better about their bodies.


Eat This, Not That! for Kids is an easy-to-follow guide for parents who want to improve the eating habits of their children. Additionally, it's a fun and informative read that kids will enjoy. It contains colorful photos and convenient lists that make shopping at the supermarket or eating out a smarter and healthier activity. It also encourages family participation in meal-planning, cooking and physical activity.

If you are concerned about the easy availability your children have to processed, high fat and high sugar foods, then this book is an important tool to help you and your family make more informed and ultimately, better decisions about what to eat and what not to eat.

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Brilliant!! I read the first book and plan on picking this up Tuesday. I plan on reading this with my kids. Thanks for the great review!

posted Aug 17th, 2008 11:11 pm


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