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Gotti Diet

Gotti Diet

This young Gotti wants you to eat more fish, not sleep with the fishes.

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The rise in childhood obesity is cause for much concern. The recent television hit, Growing Up Gotti, exposed the life of legendary John Gotti's highly-indulged family. His 13-year old grandson, Frank, was one of the show's stars and the source of the Gotti Diet, weighing in at 255 pounds. The obese teenager found a weight loss program that proved successful for him and he opens up in his book The Gotti Diet to help other young people succeed at managing their weight.

The book is written with youthful insight that will appeal to teenagers, with helpful information to parents as well. Once you and your child admit that there is a problem, you can start to understand the reasons behind their food choices and start replacing those with nutritious, positive foods.

The Gotti Diet doesn't place all the heavy-lifting on eating though. Exercise is just as important to guarantee success. Committing to a regular routine involving cardio and weights, Frank was able to kick-up his metabolism and reduce body fat. It was something that wasn't being accomplished vegging in front of the TV, a popular "activity" among today's heavy teens.

Frank's Gotti Diet relies on the principles of Weight Watchers - where serving size and physical activity balance to render positive results. While you're not likely to get your teen to a Weight Watchers meeting, you'll probably convince them to read the popular youngest-Gotti's book, as it's written with them specifically in mind.

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  • Appeals to teens

  • Promotes healthy lifestyle for youth

  • Based on proven Weight Watchers plan

  • Author is not a medical professional

  • Frank Gotti has been arrested for drug charges

  • Step seven in his book addresses his exercise routine

At first blush, one might be taken aback by the name Gotti and diet put together in a weight loss plan. But this Gotti wants you to eat fish, not sleep with them. While there are surely positive things that can be taken from this book, should you or your kids get advice from a Gotti, or a diet and fitness professional? Ultimately, you have to decide.

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posted Feb 19th, 2010 12:10 pm



If you can get past the name on the cover, this book is a great read and Frank offers several tips for weight loss and exercise for teens. The before and after pictures are excellent motivators.

posted Nov 20th, 2008 11:44 am


Sounds about right- kids ususally follow what there friends are saying. And are probably more likely to listen to a hollywood teen. Especially a cool kid like Gotti.


With two teens, I'm excited about finding this. My kids aren't obese, but they could definitely stand to lose a few pounds. Hearing from someone who shares their perspective might just motivate them more than "mom nagging".


I would not be the one who said the Gotti Diet didn't work.. you might end up swimming with the fishes!


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