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Miracle Burn

Miracle Burn

The popular weight loss supplement is only available online.

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MiracleBurn is currently the most sought-after supplement on the market today. This highly recognized supplement is unique, in that it’s the only one containing hoodia and Advantra-Z. Both hoodia and Advantra-Z have been thoroughly tested to ensure that MiracleBurn is the most effective and safest supplement available to the public without a prescription.

When paired with a balanced diet and a consistent exercise routine, Miracleburn can help you achieve weight loss. Some people noted benefits of combining Miracleburn are losing weight and inches, less likely to feel hungry, and boosted metabolism.

The active ingredients in Miracleburn, Advantra-Z and hoodia, work as a winning team to control the signals to your brain, reducing your feelings of hunger and giving you that extra energy you need to stay motivated to exercise. You'll even begin seeing noticeable changes after a few weeks of starting the Miracleburn program. You will continue supplementing your healthy diet and regular exercise until you reach your goal weight, or what Miracleburn calls your "Natural Weight Zone."

Hoodia is a natural herb derived from a cactus-like plant native to South Africa. Originally used by the San Bushmen for sustenance on long hunting trips, hoodia is now used as a natural appetite suppressant. Researchers located a molecule in hoodia known as P57. It is P57 that sends signals to your brain that you're not hungry. During studies, participants given hoodia consumed about 1,000 calories less each day than those given a placebo. It should be noted that the hoodia found in Miracleburn is authentic hoodia and the results have been proven through research. Few products can make this claim.

Miracleburn's other key ingredient is Advantra-Z, derived from bitter orange and has proven results similar to Ephedra, without the dangerous risks. This natural supplement is the only one available with a patent. Through clinical research, Advantra-Z has shown it contributes to speeding your metabolism to help you consume more calories, without any negative effect on your heart.

You don't just have to take the word of Miracleburn. Hear first-hand how Miracleburn has changed the lives of so many of its users when you visit the site online. With pre- and post-Miracleburn photos and touching comments from the users, you'll be even more convinced of the success you can achieve using Miracleburn.

Miracleburn is currently only available via their online store (www.miracleburn.com). Miracleburn does offer a complimentary one-week trial supply to new customers, so you can see for yourself the almost immediate benefits of supplementing with their product. In addition to making the supplement available for purchase, Miracleburn.com offers a wealth of product detail, background on the 50-year old company, success stories and more to help you make an informed decision. Should you still have concerns, know that the customer service professionals will be there to carefully answer any other concerns you might have.

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  • Lose pounds and inches
  • Increase metabolism
  • Boost energy
  • Stimulate body’s fat burning
  • Success stories
  • Free trial available
  • Money back guarantee
  • No diet and exercise plan given
  • Must take three pills each day
  • Hoodia
  • Bitter Orange
  • Glucomannan
  • Yerba Mate
  • GTF Chromium
  • Iodine
  • White Willow Bark
  • L-Carnitine

Miracle Burn includes taking three tablets daily. Two tablets are taken on an empty stomach when you wake up with breakfast following one to two hours later. The last daily tablet is taken later in the afternoon with lunch an hour to two hours later.


No guidance given in this area.


Miracleburn offers a safe, effective product that will leave you pleased with the results. With no other product like it available and proven results, it's a positive addition to your healthy diet and exercise routine to help you attain the body and weight you've worked so hard for.

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MiracleBurn, Miracel Burn, Miracle Bunr

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A diet pill is only to help you jump start a leaner you. It's up to you to continue to eat healthy, and work out three or four times a week to stay thin. But if you take any diet pill and after you get off of it, you go back to eating the way you did before you were on it, then yes you will gain all your weight back. I am 5'11 and I weighed at one time 139 with Phentermine and now I am up to 177.


read a report on this company and seems they rate the worst for refunding money and they have a post office box for an address


Randy -- what do you mean when you say the results quickly faded. I started MB on vacation, ate and drank like crazy, and actually lost a pound or two, it was unbelievable, I continued to lose when I got home and in greater quantities. But now I seem to have hit a plateau. Is it possible to increase the daily number of pills?


I am considering Miracle Burn and have researched a few..so confusing..what to do! I am a 50 yr old woman with 20lbs to lose and have trouble staying focused on a sensible eating plan..will MB help??


It made me constipated at first but you need to drink a lot of water while taking it. I was drinking at least 6 glasses a day sometimes more and lots about 15 pounds and managed to keep it off :-)


I just started my miracleburn. Im hoping that all goes well and I do see success. I am a little iffy about thier customer service line. I noticed that I have stopped thinking about sweets.


They didn't work for me or my sibling. We tried it and yes it really curved our appetite, but it also made both of us constipated for the whole week that we tried it, until we had enough of it. We didn't lose any weight at all. I was so disappointed cause I really thought they would work, but sadly they didn't for us. Now I'm trying to get a refund but they wont respond to my emails. I'm starting to worry they wont at all :/


I started Miracle Burn less than one week ago and I can see a big difference in my appetite and cravings. I have taken many different supplements and so far I really feel that it has made a difference and without side effects!


does anyone have the miracleburn phone number??


I tried Miracleburn. I did notice a change in my appetite, but I also had less energy, felt extremely tired, and was a little constipated. I didn't really lose any weight. I had to stop after two weeks because I was getting really bad headaches. And yes, to anyone wondering, i work out 3-4 times a week and drink at least 64 oz of water a day.


Here is the Phone Number and Address for Miracle Burn: Business Hours: 9am-6pm EST Monday-Friday US & Canada Toll Free: 800-515-1070 UK Toll Free: 0800-0326278 All Other Countries: (201) 876-2570 Fax: (201) 876-2501 Order by Mail with a Money Order: Excell Now, LLC 302A West 12th St, #276 New York, NY 10014


I tried miracle burn with a low carb dietr (Carbohydrate Addick's Diet by Dr Hellar and Hellar. I have already lost 8lbs in 9 days and I feel good....


I am taking a low dose antidepressant. is it okay to take this with other medications?


is anyone having problems getting on the miracleburn site? I ordered some the other day & can't get back on the site..dont know if they sent it or what but they charged my credit card...


is anyone having stomach problems or diarrhea form it?


I need to know does this work??? Miracle burn that is.


I have been using for 3 days now and notice no change in appetite. Does it take longer?


they do really work! i was a size 15 now im down to a 9 ...


some ppl says it works and some say it dont...i dont know what to believe, but i saw the commercial for it with kevin t. and he made it very convincing, but at the same time he does look like someone who would just say anything to sell. i not gonna take it till i know for sure that it works


I have tried a ton of diet pills and supplements and I am not saying miracle burn is the saving grace but it has helped me. I also exercise and eat healthy though. There is no magic pill!


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