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My Weight Loss Team

My Weight Loss Team

An online weight loss support group that doubles as a weight loss challenge.

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Relying on the premise that losing weight is tougher to do when you're alone, My Weight Loss Team is an online support group to help you lose weight. It's a combination of two successful weight lose ideas into one program. Similar to other successful weight loss programs like Weight Watchers, that rely on support groups to help motivate members to stay on track with their diet goals, My Weight Loss Team also combines the competition of NBC's hit reality show The Biggest Loser by competing against other teams to "out lose" each other each month.

One team challenge lasts about 28 days or 5 weeks. You first complete an online Body Mass Index (BMI) profile which tells you what your BMI is and how many calories you can eat each day to lose weight. You are then paired with a group of 5 – 11 other dieters who have similar profiles as yours. You keep track of the food you eat and the exercise you do each day through a food and exercise log. Each week you weigh yourself at roughly the same time and use the same scale. This weight then gets recorded onto the website and combined with the weights of your other teammates.

As a team member, you have some added responsibilities to just keep track of how much you eat and exercise. Each day, you are required to post one motivating message to your teammates. This daily accountability is the crux of the program and is supposed to engender motivation in you and your teammates.

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  • Weight loss support groups are a proven way to successfully lose weight
  • The friendly competitive nature is a positive way to enforce weight loss goals
  • Daily accountability makes you responsible for your own weight loss and for supporting your teammates’ weight loss
  • No guidelines on what to eat or how much to eat
  • No guidelines on how much to exercise or how to exercise
  • No reward at the end of the 28-day cycle of each My Weight Loss Team cycle
  • No expert advice on health, diet and fitness is available to members
  • Online nature of competition detracts from the motivation to compete since you can’t see your competitors

Once you complete your BMI profile, you will receive information on what your BMI is and how many calories you should be consuming in order to lose weight at a safe pace. The My Weight Loss Team program does not give you specifics on what to eat or how much to eat. You are responsible for counting your own calories and deciding what to eat. Each day, you log your food intake into your daily log which is a flexible tool that allows you to either just enter your meals and snacks without seeing a caloric rundown of what you ate or you can have nutrition information calculated for you.

There are no recipes to follow or meal plans to adhere to. You can give and receive diet advice and tips by your other team members with whom you have around-the-clock communication.


Adhering to an exercise plan is a key ingredient to achieving success through the My Weight Loss Team program. Each day, you are to log in how much you exercised using your online exercise log. There are no specific exercise requirements to follow on this program, but you are encouraged to adopt an exercise plan in order to speed up your weight loss and put your team ahead of the other competing teams.


There is no question that having a buddy to encourage you along as you count calories and sweat it out at the gym results in greater adherence to a diet plan. Toss in some friendly competition among some other dieters and you have your own Biggest Loser all within the grasp of your computer, minus the expert personal trainers, television cameras and hefty earnings.

That is the basic premise behind My Weight Loss Team. Combining diet support and motivation with a bit of online competition, losing weight turns into a game played with others like you rather than a dreadful task you must hurdle through day after day.

If you need the motivation of others to keep you in line, thrive on a bit of competition and love your computer, the My Weight Loss Team might be an effective and fun way to see that number on the scale drop.

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Jen Torres


This website and program were just what I needed. It is not a "diet" for me any longer and I am finally free of the 80 pounds I was fighting with for over 12 years.

MWLT has become my daily source of friendship, love, support, caring, motivation, and so much more!

If you're done dieting and would like to finally lose the weight, keep it off, and make some life long friends in the process, give MWLT a try.

posted Dec 24th, 2008 2:20 am


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