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A combination of Advantra-Z and real South African hoodia

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Please note, the product DietsInReview.com has reviewed is available at Nuphedrine.com. There is confusion amongst consumers about the color and packaging of the pills. In 2008, Nuphedrine changed manufacturers, and in the process updated their packaging and the color of the pills. The current Nuphedrine product is sold in a box with individual packets inside.

Nuphedrine is a highly-sought after, but highly controversial diet supplement. It contains two key ingredients which have been implicated in aiding weight loss: Advantra-Z and Hoodia. Advantra-Z is a patented form of synephrine or citrus aurantium, a similar product to the now banned ephedra. Hoodia is a cactus plant that hails from South Africa where it has long been used as an appetite suppressant for tribal men on long treks through the countryside. It has recently gained enormous popularity in the US. Nuphedrine also contains Slimaluma, a patented product that is also supposed to suppress appetite.

Nuphedrine is not supposed to cause any side effects. It does not contain any stimulants like caffeine or taurine.

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  • Nuphedrine may help to jump start a weight loss program
  • Nuphedrine’s auto-shipment program is voluntary, not automatic
  • Nuphedrine is not approved by the FDA
  • No scientific evidence that Nuphedrine results in weight loss
  • Pure hoodia is very difficult to come by
  • May cause many side effects
  • Not a longterm solution to weight loss
  • Hoodia also suppresses thirst

Nuphedrine contains certified, 20X South African Hoodia, Advantra-Z in the 30X potency and Slimaluma.

Here is a breakdown of the three ingredients of Nuphedrine and how they work to help you lose weight:

Advantra-Z alone is supposed to help you burn an extra 500 calories a day with its 30X "Extra Strength" concentration. Advantra-Z claims that it enhances weight loss, increases lean muscle mass, improves athletic performance and suppresses appetite.

Hoodia contains a compound called ‘P57’, which is a molecule that makes you feel full. But only pure hoodia contains this special molecule. Many studies have shown that even though a product may claim it is pure hoodia or certified hoodia, it is not the real thing. The hoodia contained in NuPhedrine is concentrated 20 times and has a standardized guaranteed 20:1 ratio rating.

The third ingredient in Nuphedrine , Slimaluma is sends signals to your brain while you’re eating telling you that you’re full. Given its effects on satiety, a little amount of food can go along way in tricking you into feeling that you’ve eaten enough to quell your appetite even though very little food has been consumed.


It is recommended that you take three capsules of Nuphedrine per day. Two capsules should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach or 1-2 hours after eating. The third capsule should be taken at mid-day to help get you through the evening.


There are no specific dietary or exercise recommendations while taking any Nuphedrine but the company does recommend that you follow a sensible eating and exercise plan.


Nuphedrine may be one of the most popular weight-loss supplements on the market with its triple combination of South African Hoodia, Advantra-Z and Slimaluma. But diet experts, health professionals and individuals who have lost weight and successfully kept it off will attest to the proven fact that weight loss cannot come in a bottle. If it were that easy, there would not be the obesity epidemic in this country like there currently is.

If you are curious about Nuphedrine, speak to a medical professional before you take it, particularly if you have any prior health conditions.

DietsInReview.com is an affiliate of NuPhedrine and is compensated for sales of this product. This review is not influenced and remains our own opinion.

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I've used hydroxycut before but I just read it was recalled. I've also had the stackers. nuphedrine is on par with these products, which is a big surprise to me cause this doesn't have ephedra. The new stackers suck - i don't feel a thing from them anymore because they took out the ephedra. gonig to order some more nuphedrine.

posted Jul 27th, 2009 4:00 pm



Nuphedrine is working for me. I am about 90 lb overweight and have been dieting and exercising and could not lose wieght. If I stop dieting I start to gain. I have had many medical tests done to try to find out why I cannot lose weight and why I lack energy. I had no conclusive results. My doctor perscribed anti-depressants, which have helped some with my mood, but I am still tired and weight-loss resistant. I have been taking a Nuphedrine for about 3 weeks and have lost 8 lb so far. That is the most progress I have made in 2 years. I swore i would never take any diet pills, but tried this out of complete desparation. I am glad I did.

posted Jul 24th, 2009 2:41 am



Adel you might have water weight gain but you should notice a difference in two weeks if you're working out, eating right, and getting enough sleep. You shouldn't eat past 9:30pm and try to get 8 hours of sleep everynight. you also need to eat in morning and eat healthy foods. Here is how i lost weight. egg whites in the morning, carrots as snacks around 11am, brown rice and chicken for lunch, yogurt or trail mix at 4pm and just salad and fish for dinner at 6:30pm - absolutely no carbs for dinner. you should only eat carbs for lunch and not too much. lot of water also. You do this for 3 months and i'll bet you that you'll lose 20 to 30 pounds. don't forget to workout at least 30 mins a day. Good luck on your weight loss.

posted Jul 22nd, 2009 11:55 am


If you've been working out and eating right for two weeks you should notice a difference. Did you drink a lot of water when you weighed yourself or something? I'm sorry but losing weight isn't rocket science, maybe you should get yourself a trainer if you really want to lose weight before your special day

posted Jul 21st, 2009 12:15 pm


I have been taking Nuphedrine for 2 weeks now, in an empty stomach in the morning and afternoon. I drink 3 littres of watter every day and i eat only fruit salad for breakfast and Lunch and small portion of stir fry with all kind of fish or chicken breast. I do 1 hour and 30 minutes walk 3 times a week and I go swimming twice a week. I weight myself this morning and realise that I put on weight and my boyfriend reckon my body retain a lot of water. I am getting married in 6 months and I am desperate to loose weight. I just want to know if it's normal. did anyone else experienced the same thing at the beginning and when did you started to loose weight? From today, I decide to stop until I have some people reply, I bought 6 months supply from Nuphedrine web and I live in England. Could someone please tell me if this is normal and what should I do?
Thank you xxx

posted Jul 20th, 2009 2:16 pm



I ordered Nuphedrine yesterday for the first time. I spent this morning reading the reviews. Some people said that the www.nuphredine.com website was really selling MiracleBurn. One person said that the photos of the actual pills are the same on both websites. So, I did a little investigating. I copied and pasted a photo of the two blue MiracleBurn pills (from their website) into a Word doc. One of the pills has "MiracleBurn" stamped on it. Then I went to Google images and did a search on "Nuphedrine pills." In Google images, there was the SAME EXACT photo with "Nuphedrine" written on one of the pills. The writing looked "doctored," i.e. "Nuphedrine" was obviously handwritten in all caps in the same place that "MiracleBurn" had been stamped for the photo on the MiracleBurn website. I copied and pasted this Nuphedrine photo right next to the MiracleBurn photo in the Word doc. and expanded both photos to the same size. The photos from the two websites are IDENTICAL, except for the writing/stamping on the pills. On the www.nuphedrine.com home page, you can see this very small photo of the pills next to the Nuphedrine box in the top left hand corner.

posted Jul 20th, 2009 2:14 pm


I only order from the Nuphedrine website now. I'm not taking my chances with eBay products.

posted Jul 20th, 2009 9:51 am


Ok I have tried everything and the only pill that has ever worked for me is the one I get from a doctor....I have seen them on ebay saying NOT A FAKE...47.50 is what they go for..what do you think??

posted Jul 18th, 2009 9:14 pm


Don't order from eBay, they sell the fake ones there. I saw a website about which ones are fake and all the ones on ebay are most likely knockoffs. I would suggest ordering from the main site. Money back guarantee and you get the freshest batch. Even the real ones on eBay are probably older batches that were sold wholesale. Older and less effective. This is common practice on eBay. They sell older expired stuff for cheap.

posted Jul 17th, 2009 10:16 am


I got mine off ebay and its the real stuff. Bought from Big Health.

posted Jul 16th, 2009 11:04 pm



dod ant one get the real stuff from ebay

posted Jul 15th, 2009 3:52 pm



THis magic pill did absolutey nothing at all for me.
I didn't feel any hunger control, didn't loose an ounce, and had no extra energy.

It's just useless.

I did get my money back because I marked the ORDER date on the calendar for 28 days and emailed them in time for a refund.

posted Jul 13th, 2009 3:16 pm


i definitely feel it working. it does suppress hunger but not sure how it will work two weeks from now. Only been on it a week.

posted Jul 10th, 2009 10:12 am

Christine NJ


Wow, very surprised with the product. I had good results with Hydroxycut but that was recently taken off the market so I decided to give this a shot and very happy with the results. Very potent for being all natural.

posted Jul 6th, 2009 11:31 am



I have taken NuPhedrine since January of 09. I was highly skeptical at first but I needed to drop 25 lbs immediately. I teach high school and only have time to exercise my jaws and my brain so I needed to stop eating so much. I am 54 years old and in menopause. I started off at 192 lbs and as of yesterday, I weigh 159.5. How's that for working? I have eaten much less and it's been easy to do. I highly recommend this product.

posted Jul 2nd, 2009 10:45 am



I lost about 15 pounds with the help with nuphedrine but there were other contributing factors to my weight loss. Like drinking lots of water, working out 5 times a week, staying active, and eating healthy. I feel great and i'm soooo happy because i made a change in lifestyle that will help me keep the weight off. I have a co-worker that got gastric bypass. She lost a ton of weight (like 120 lbs). She then went and got surgery to remove the excess skin. it's been about a year since she did this and guess what? She's starting to gain the weight back. I think "what a complete waste of money, time, and effort just to gain it all back." i feel bad for her because she's a really nice person. I want to say something but it's not my place. What's even more sad is that the gastric bypass and plastic surgery wasn't a quick fix, took her years to complete it all. I'm sticking to my new lifestyle, I feel much better this way. I have so much energy now.

posted Jun 26th, 2009 10:30 am


BTW - FAKE vs. REAL pills
(MOTTS seemed to really start this issue on this message board)
if you go to sunrisehealthltd where the some say 'FAKE' /some say 'REAL' pills are sold; this site seems pretty hoaky to me.
One bottle is around $17 and if you want to conact them there is no address, you have to fill out a form so they can contact you????
If you are questioning what pills are real the red and grey/white (Sunrise Health)or the blue/ blue and green (Good Health nuphedrin) just take a look at the sites and compare them. Then use your better judgement to tell you what one seems more legit to you.

posted Jun 24th, 2009 7:37 pm


I have now ready all of the reviews here and am still unsure about this pill.

I purchased from correct site and recieved the 90 pills -3 to a packet - blue and green with nuphedrine written on them.

So far its been 4 days. Here are my side effects so far:
No headaches
No extra Energy
Increased Cravings
Feel more full on less food
Retaining water like crazy (almost not fitting into my jeans its so bad)
Getting up 3-4 times a night

Has anyone else experianced the bloating and water retention?
I am curious to know if it went away, and how long it took.

Will continue posting my side effects and weight loss or gain details daily for anyone who cares.

posted Jun 24th, 2009 7:29 pm


Hi, for the people who say this works did you experiance any wieght gain at first or water retention?
I just started (5 days ago) and seem to be getting bigger. I am only 116 and just want to drop 10 lbs.
If this is making me gain weght I want to stop taking it, but if this is normal for the first week and then I will lose I will continue to take it.
Any help would be appriciated.

posted Jun 24th, 2009 5:08 pm



Well, heres my personal experience:

I bought 3 bottles on eBay about 2 years ago.. They came in boxes and one of the bottles had blue & white pills and the other 2 bottles had red & white pills. In about 3 months I lost like 20 or 30 pounds! I went to visit my Grandparents and everyone was calling me super skinny which was awesome! But I was also on the Atkins diet so that may have contributed to the weight loss as well. I cant remember for sure if I was working on then or not but I just started taking them again today and will post my progress along the way.. I'm getting married this August so I have 6 weeks!

*Also, something else I do like 2 weeks before an event is start taking water pills daily.. (AQUABAN is my favorite as DIUREX makes me feel sick) and that REALLY makes you look good and shrink enough to fit in your skinny jeans again! Just dont STAY on them any longer than that because you dont want to become dehydrated.. thats dangerous..

Good Luck! And pls keep us all posted on your progress!!

posted Jun 24th, 2009 11:01 am


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