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All your fruits and veggies delivered in supplement form.

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Nuriche is a company that sells live whole foods in the form of supplements to customers. Nuriche products are convenient and offer natural weight loss, endurance, reduced appetite, mental clarity, low calories and vitality.

You can order Nuriche products directly from the web site, or become an independent distributor of the product. The three primary benefit areas for Nuriche products are healthy energy, natural weight loss and personal vitality.

There are two different types of Nuriche supplements including LiVE and ReVIVE. The LiVE product is made with 70 different whole fruits and vegetables and given in the powder form. ReVIVE comes in the pill form and claims to provide you with crash-free energy. ReVIVE includes more than 70 live whole food and fresh raw juice concentrate ingredients within its combination of more than 175 ingredients.

All vegetables and fruits used in Nuriche products are dried within hours of being harvested to meet the company’s standards.

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  • Products made from whole live foods
  • LiVE and ReVIVE both use more than 70 different fruits and vegetables
  • Products available to purchase or sell as a distributor
  • Available in convenient packets
  • No diet or exercise information provided

LiVE contains ORAC Rich Berry & Fruit Blend, Nutrient Rich Vegetable Green Blend, Omega Rich SNS Blend, Enzyme Rich Mineral Blend and a Vital Probiotic Blend.

ReVIVE contains a Crash-Free Energy Blend, Rich Berry & Fruit Blend, Rich Vegetable Green Blend, Omega Rich SNS Blend , Enzyme Rich Mineral Blend, and a Vital Probiotic Blend.


LiVE is taken one more times daily by mixing one scoop of the mixture into water.

ReVIVE is taken one or more times daily. No more than six capsules should be taken per day.


There is no supplemental information on diet or exercise included while taking the Nuriche products.


Nuriche products may be a great way to supplement what you might be missing in your diet as far as fruits and vegetables. Being able to add in the nutrients of over 70 fruits and vegetables will definitely give you some great benefits. Whether you decide to buy the products for yourself or share the benefits with others as an independent distributor, Nuriche products can be a great benefit to getting healthy.

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Stephanie Voss


Outstanding products!!! My husband and I love the Nuriche products and even give them to our 2 year old son! Visit to get a free sample and see for yourself how great these products are!

posted Mar 8th, 2010 1:12 pm


Crash free energy - getting my fruits and veggies in daily in a tasty way - AWESOME.

The Nuriche products provide a natural appetite suppressant, increases my mental clarity, gives me a lasting energy (much needed as a busy mom of three), and just helps me improve my health and nutrition.

These are great products

posted Feb 12th, 2010 9:08 am

Richard Kaulfers

I have been taking Live & ReVIVE now for about 10 months; I can say that I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall health and energy. I work around lots of different people, from all over the world and have not been sick. When other people around me were getting sick, I also noticed I started eating a lot more fresh fruits and veggies because of the mindset that less is more.
A great product I highly recommend.

posted Jan 7th, 2010 4:07 am


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