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Here's another hoodia-related dietary supplement.

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Nutrithin is another hoodia-related supplement that promises to help you lose weight by keeping hunger at bay. South African tribesman have eaten the cactus plant Hoodia for many years. Hoodia is supposed to be able to sustain hunters during long journeys by suppressing hunger. Studies have shown that Hoodia contains, P57, a property that interacts with the brain by telling it that it’s full even though very little or no food has been consumed. Even though there are many varieties of hoodia, only one, hoodia gordonii has the supposed dietary effects.

It is suggested to take 1 capsule of Nutrithin a half an hour before meals three times per day.  Since the product does contain ginseng, a stimulant, you might want to limit your caffeine intake while taking this product.

There is no specified time duration for how long you are to take Nutrithin but the product is supposed to suppress your appetite so that you’ll eat less and lose weight. It can be incorporated into any dietary eating plan.

There are no side effects noted for the product although it does encourage any potential user to discuss taking Nutithin with their medical doctor.

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  • Nutithin may be able to help you to lose weight with its appetite-suppressing effects
  • Contains Hoodia, a proven supplement ingredient
  • The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved or evaluated the supposed effectiveness and intended results of Nutrithin
  • There is no scientific or medical evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of Nutrithin
  • Introducing unregulated and synthesized products into your system may have many unknown negative side effects -No disclaimer on the website about any unknown side effects

Nutrithin does not require that you adhere to any specific exercise routine. You may see better results if you exercise regularly, but the product is supposed to be a stand-alone weight loss tool. It can be incorporated into any diet or exercise plan.


Nutrithin claims to contain pure hoodia. In addition to hoodia, it also includes ginseng, an herbal stimulant, grapefruit seed extract, a supposed infection fighter and citrus pectin, a soluble fiber. These additional supplements are intended to increase your energy, wash out waste and prevent infection-causing bacteria to grow throughout the body.  


Since hoodia is still not approved by the FDA and no scientific studies attesting to its effectiveness have been published the safety and/or effectiveness of Nutrithin as a dietary supplement must thus be considered as unsubstantiated. Hoodia gordonii is a protected plant, which may only be wild-harvested by individuals and the few companies who have been granted a license.   

Also, be warned of any supplement or any dietary aid that claims to shed pounds by popping a pill. it is strongly encouraged that you speak with your medical doctor before taking this product.

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Nutrathin, Nutra thin, Nutri Thin, Nutrethin

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it tastes great and took away my appetite

posted Jul 27th, 2009 12:18 pm


can't find a lot of info on nutrathin, but it seems legit

Becky A

I'll go for the free trial, just hope I remember to cancel before they bill me if it doesn't work


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