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Pure Weight Loss

Pure Weight Loss

Weight loss counseling center partner with L.A. Weight Loss

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Please note, Pure Weight Loss has announced it will close all 400 locations permanently, as of January 4, 2008. A spokesperson for Pure Weight Loss Centers cited "fierce competition from the internet, the introduction of Alli, the over-the-counter weight loss pill, and other commercial diet programs, combined with a difficult economic environment."

Pure Weight Loss was part of a larger conglomerate known as LA Weight Loss. A few years back, in fact, L.A. Weight Loss and Pure Weight Loss split off from one another and attempted to operate from two approaches, the corporate-owned centers and the franchised centers. When they re-emerged, in August 2007, they changed the names of all their weight centers to Pure Weight Loss.

L.A. Weight Loss has been a player in the field since 1989, when it opened its first L.A. Weight Loss Center. During peak operations, there were more than 850 L.A. Weight Loss Centers, either franchised or corporate run.

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  • Utilized regular foods available from local grocery stores
  • Personal counseling to determine specific meal programs based on each individual's health and background
  • Satisfying meals to help clients fore go the constant feeling of hunger
  • Pyramid-based food plans that consisted of 45% carbohydrates, 35-40% protein and 20% fat
  • No longer in business
  • High prices and pushy sales people
  • A class-action lawsuit was filed against the company(ies) in 2002 and won, by customers who proved that the advertised cost of the program was misleading
  • Not able to properly accommodate all customers' dietary needs
  • Provided no exercise guidance

Pure Weight Loss worked well within their own guidelines to provide a 45/40/20 split along the food pyramid. However, they became bogged down by depending far too heavily on their supplements and bars. Since the percentage of people allergic to soy and/or in pre-diabetic or diabetic conditions has risen dramatically over the past twenty years, their inflexibility with regard to meeting these client's needs without using only their supplemental foods, was certainly another source of dissatisfaction.


No exercise regimen was included within the personal counseling arena, although the counselors did reiterate that we are all healthier when we are active.


L.A. Weight Loss/Pure Weight Loss ran with the ball for a long period of time. The number of people who appreciated the program, (web reviews from consumers), was highly mixed, with some praising its effectiveness and others totally disillusioned. The weighted average was close to 50/50. But over and over again successful weight-loss clients suggested the supplement and snack bar component of the plan was entirely unnecessary. Those who stayed with the program appreciated the well-defined menu and strategy that was laid out by the personal counselor, and the one-on-one support that was available. Customers of Pure Weight Loss, or those interested in the program, should visit L.A. Weight Loss, as Pure will go out of business January 4, 2008.

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This product is a total rip off. The free offer is supposed to be a 14 day trial. But, they don't tell you is starts the day you order the product. I didn't get it til almost 2 weeks after I ordered. I just get both the Pure green coffee and Pure garcinia cambogia weight loss products and I am charged $89.95 two days after receiving the trial order. I call to find out why I am just getting it and being charged and all I get is "you ordered you have to pay". To say the least I am very pissed off that they don't even tell you in the ads what the cost is or that the trial starts the day you order....false advertising. If this was a honest company they would have put this info in regular print. Steer clear of this product

posted Jun 24th, 2016 7:40 am


I have been charged three times and have received no product and now you tell me you are going out of business, I feel I have been completely ripped off.
I would like a refund but really do not expect to get it. Never again will I give my Visa on line after this scam.

posted Dec 4th, 2013 2:41 am

Pure_Weight_Loss.. OMG! :)

Pure_Weight_Loss.. OMG! :)

posted Apr 21st, 2011 4:56 am


I was following the Pure Weight Loss plan and doing wonderful. I felt better than i ever have. Unfortunately, after the center closed, i felt betrayed and fell off track. I gained the 30 lbs that i lost back and then some. I am starting the plan again on Sunday. My boyfriend is also going to begin the plan to be my support system and to get healthier.I was considering joining Weight Watchers but I already have the tools I need from Pure. I was wondering if my plan would work for my boyfriend also. I know the plans are customized for each person, but i just wanted to know if my plan would work for him. Like perhaps he would need an extra protein or something per day since he is a man. Not sure. If anyone has any idea, I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks!!

posted May 8th, 2009 7:59 pm


I had lots of success on the LA/ Pure program. Unfortunately i had some events that prevented me from checking in with the counselors and when i finally did get a chance to go back their doors were closed. I was furious. I had already paid $1800 for the plan and lites and supplements...thats not including the almost $900 balance on my care credit. Luckily care credit dismissed all the charges and i didnt have to pay the $900. I am very disappointed in this company and hope that the owners/ceo's never start another business. Like i said before, I did have success but this whole business was very unprofessional.

posted Oct 1st, 2008 10:38 am


I am one of the people who liked and had success with the program. There were no special foods to worry about, meaning that my menu fit into my lifestyle and would not be drastically changed when I reached my goal weight. The bars and shakes which were on the program satisfied my cravings for sweets. They were not overpriced as everyone would like you to believe, just because you had to purchase them at the beginning of the program. I have tried other weight loss programs. I did not like eating special foods because after you reach goal you must start eating normal and making choices on your own. And it is NOT inexpensive. Weekly meetings ended up being too long and boring for me. I would love to find another program like LA Weight Loss. PS : I found all of their employees to be very helpful

posted Jul 15th, 2008 9:28 am


My wife and I joined and paid for the 18 month plan as we were serious. I was disgruntled about the added foods, etc. but stayed with it. I was losing weight very steadily and felt wonderful. It worked for us; however, we never got to the stabilization and maintenance phases, so we have no idea how to get that info. We also paid for supplements etc. up front. We were surprised to show up for a scheduled appointment to find them closed. We submitted everything we could find, but got no response. Luckily I had paid for the entire thing on AMEX and disputed the charges and got a full refund. We still had our original contract and everything, but still no response from PURE or LA or whatever it was called. I do wish we could get the plan for stabilization and maintenance since the plan was working for us.

posted Jul 8th, 2008 9:53 pm


It is sad to me that the comments on here are primarily negative. I tried everything under the sun and it wasn't until I joined LA Weight Loss that I finally lost weight. The program is sound as it teaches you how to REALLY EAT! Coming into the center 3 times a week kept me on track and I lost 35 pounds. 3 years later my weight is still off and I, for one, am so grateful for this program and sad that our center closed. Every business has flaws, but the bottom line is that it changed my life and my health forever. Like any diet program, if you follow it, it works and if you don't, you certainly can't blame anyone but yourself. I can say that because I didn't always follow to the best of my ability. Hopefully we will all get our money or products back that are owed, but otherwise, if you had success, that should be noted too.

posted Jul 7th, 2008 7:06 pm


I too feel scammed by this company. However I put the plan on my carecredit card. I have talked to this credit card company and they seem willing to work out the expenses...so call the back of your card and they will send you a form to fill out....they should credit you alot of your expenses...any others with credit cards call them also and dispute the charges!!!

posted Apr 10th, 2008 7:29 am


Pure Weight Loss has filed bankruptcy in Pennsylvania. If you go to the website there is a form you can fill out and send to the courts to be a part of the law suit. I have sent mine in on 2/26/08 because Pure owes me over 600.00.

posted Mar 5th, 2008 2:55 pm


this is the # to the court handling their bankruptcy # 215-408-2800 got a notice in the mail

posted Feb 28th, 2008 7:07 am


I had read on line that Vahan Karabajakian who was the ceo of the company, had changed his name, was sending money to the terrorist. The person writing the comment had turned him into the government telling them of his findings or suspicions. I have never read anything else about it since. It sounded like he may have been found out and that is why everything folded with Pure Weight Loss. Maybe it was just someone starting a rumor, but with all that is going on in our country with terrorism threats and all it made me wonder, if it could have been true. Has anyone else heard about this? I also am out money and trying to find out what I am to do next. I sent in the form right away, before the stores final closure date, and have heard nothing.


I am an ex-employee of Pure Weightloss and I quit in November 2007. Here is some numbers call Hal Levin at 214-346-4350 corporate media person. Vahan Karabajakian is the CEO. Also corporate Director of HR 215-328-9250.


I resigned for 1 year and i year maintenance in July 2007 and put 104 boxes of lite bars on care credit. When I went back after an illness and family issues I learned they were closed. I am out over $2500 and the certified letter I sent to the office in Horshem, PA just came back in the mail. I am really angry that the clients were not given any notice. I want my money back.


do whatever it takes to get your money back! I wasted about $600 last year. The NH office staff had no medical training and were very pushy. Those bars and shakes tasted like crap and the staff treats you like a child. My advice - go to WeightWatchers.


Maybe there will be a group lawsuit to get our money back. I am also owed a lot of bars. I was gone for a few weeks over Christmas, came back to find they were only open 3 half days a week and the next time I went back, they were closed. No advance notice at all.


I joined pure weight loss last October. They advertised cost of $7.00 per week. Then I paid over $300.00 to join and over $900.00 for lites. The high pressure sales was unbelievable. Then, the place was hardly ever open. I would call and get no answer; figuring they were busy, i would drive the 30 minutes to get there only to find the door locked. Their hours changed every week so you never knew when to go. They said I could log onto their site and with my code could access recipes, etc. My pass code wouldn't work-- I told them and they said there were some problems but they were being corrected. They told me to try in 2 days and it would be operating again. It never did. I am out a lot of money and don't know if I can get any of it back. Very depressing!!!!


I don't usually get caught up in scams because I was taught to always read the fine print. When I signed up for the LA plan (later changed to PURE), I was told I had 3 days to cancel, but you don't find out about the lites until the 3rd day. No lites, no guarantee. I wasn't able to start my plan until after a vacation, which put my finding out about lites around day 12 - too late to cancel. The high pressure sales tactics were very effective, making me feel like the biggest blob on the planet. After a few months on the plan, I was told that I lose weight slower than average, and would need to buy more weeks. I was able to put it off (thank goodness). Now that the company is gone, I am out over 1 years worth of weeks (at $6 per week) and several hundred $$$ of lites. Not to mention all the extras (twists, biscotti, vitamins, the cookbook) they convinced me I had to have. This is the biggest weight loss scam I have dealt with. While I am glad it is gone, does anyone have a clue how I can get my money back?


As a former employee I can tell you that unless you hound them you will not get your money back. I suggest contacting their headquarters in Horsham, PA. If I can dig up a phone # or address, I'll post it for you. The plan was great, and I loved helping the clients, but the management and hard sales approach sucked beyond belief, and I'm not surprised they went out of business.


I had a death in my family and when I returned to the office it was closed. They owe me bars, Shakes, Biscotti and juices. I have no contrcat number and feel like they should have called me so i had the chance to get my bars.


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