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Asian Slim Secrets

Asian Slim Secrets

Tap into the slimming secrets of the Asian lifestyle.

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Asian Slim Secrets is a diet ebook that helps you lose 8-10 pounds each month with traditional Asian slimming secrets. Individuals of Asian descent, and those who continue to follow an Asian-based diet, live longer, have lower rates of obesity, cancers, heart disease and have much lower BMIs than we do in the West.

Asian Slim Secrets was created by Linda Yo, who after moving to the United States from Indonesia quickly packed on 25 pounds after a few months of eating American food. After trying every American diet possible from Slim-Fast to diet pills, she finally returned to her Asian diet and not only lost the excess weight, but also learned the American diet filled with processed and fast-food is an unforgiving invitation to weight gain.

Asian Slim Secrets focuses on incorporating the hallmark features of the Asian diet into your Western eating style like eating rice instead of bread, drinking tea instead of juice and eating fruit instead of dessert. There is also an exercise and recipe section.

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  • The Asian diet has been proven to be much healthier than the typical American diet
  • Rice, pastas and grains are allowed in the Asian Slim Diet
  • Offers a comprehensive guide to eating and living
  • Applies scientific information to support eating recommendations
  • Available as ebook or printed copy
  • Exercise section is very basic and does not promote cardiovascular activity
  • Does not provide a clear diet, but rather eating suggestions
  • Very little mention of portion control
  • Appearance of ebook could be more professional

The Asian Slim diet does not put forth a specific daily eating plan with portion control and calorie counts, but rather it is a guidebook filled with tips, information and recipes that suggest how to eat and what to eat.

The Asian Slim diet encourages you to eat rice, pasta and noodles at least five times a week. In addition, you'll learn other Asian cooking techniques that keep you healthy such as swapping rice for bread, corn starch for milk or cream in cream-based soups, and using slim slices of meat and poultry that are heavily seasoned rather than larger portion sizes like full steaks or whole chicken breasts.

You will learn how to make and store rice, how to prepare and slice meat, how to select and cook fish, how to add tofu to your main dishes and how to incorporate Asian vegetables like bean spouts, bok choy, and shitake mushrooms into your diet.

There are also complete sections of the book dedicated to using Asian seasonings like soy and teriyaki sauce in lieu of fattier and more calorically-dense American condiments like mayonnaise, barbeque sauce and ranch dressing, using Asian herbs like ginger and coriander to season food, replacing sodas, wine and juice with green and black tea, and munching on fruit for dessert rather than cakes and pies.

The Asian Slim diet also contains recipes for traditional Asian dishes.


The Asian Slim Secrets diet encourages regular exercise, particularly strength-training as a way to boost your metabolism. The program recommends that you do 10 minutes of strength training exercises each day. It does not promote engaging in cardiovascular activities as they suggest it puts too much stress on the joints and bones.

There are a number of simple strength training exercises outlined in the book that you can do in your own home with the assistance of small hand weights.


The Asian Slim Secrets ebook is a fairly comprehensive guide to healthy living that focuses on the traditions Asian diet and lifestyle. From food to stress to the balancing of the yin and yang energies, Asian Slim Secrets is more of a guide book rather than a detailed daily plan for how to lose weight. But don't expect to reshape your body with the Asian Slim Secrets exercise program since the exercise section lacks in physical activity requirements and variety of exercises.

If you are curious about how and why Asian people stay slimmer and healthier than Americans then this book might be a good starting point for you.

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Sacha Heck


It's true what is said above. Opposite to other books about diets, this book is different. It is in fact not really a diet but more a suggestion to change your lifestyle a bit. What Linda Yo says in this book is easy to realize as there is also always a summary of the main points at the end of each chapter. My negative point is as e media designer, that the layout is really very poor. Nevertheless, it's the content which is more important here.

posted Dec 29th, 2009 6:53 am


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