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Automatic Fat Loss System

Automatic Fat Loss System

A weight loss plan promising rapid results.

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The Automatic Fat Loss System is available online and includes a 14-day program that promises dramatic results.

The Automatic Fat Loss System claims to reveal the secrets to losing weight very quickly and effectively. You can purchase this system online. The web site for Automatic Fat Loss System spends a fair amount of time talking about how instant and automatic the system is and it even showcases the author as using the it and losing 15 pounds in two weeks.

The program will reveal why people are still fat, why their other diets didn’t work and many other things you may have told yourself while trying to lose weight. The program includes information on the dieting mistakes you should avoid, five fruits that shed inches instantly, tips for speeding up your metabolism, unhealthy, "healthy" foods you should avoid and how to tell if you’re really hungry.

The program claims to be all-natural and promises results in two weeks, yet it doesn't give too much information on how those promises will be kept.

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  • Available for purchase online
  • No research proving that this system works
  • No details of what the system includes or entails
  • Claims of dramatic weight loss in a short period of time
  • Very little information contained on the web site
  • No info on who created the system, or who is selling it
  • Focus of web site talks a lot about the current state of the dieter rather than the details of the product as a solution
  • Must purchase program in order to see what you will be receiving

Eating seems to be an important part of this program. There is mention of the Automatic Fat Loss System showing which foods to eat and which to avoid. However, there are no program details and no type of food information revealed. Unfortunately, this is a program that would have to be purchased before any information about the food requirements can be revealed.


Exercise information with this program is purely based on conclusions drawn from what is stated. The website claims that you won’t have to engage in vigorous exercise with this program, but it is assumed that there is some exercise involved.

Like the diet portion, there is no specific or even slightly generic information given on what types of exercise would be included, or their duration. In order to get this information, the program must be purchased first.


The Automatic Fat Loss System is definitely the type of program that many should avoid. There is hardly any information given about the program except in very broad definitions. There is no full list of what you’re purchasing when you buy the program and the weight loss claims are unrealistic. Typically a program making promises of 15 pounds lost in two weeks is one that warrants caution.

There is very little information available on the Automatic Fat Loss System making it very hard to be trusted as a healthy and solid way to lose weight and keep it off.

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Nice one. I loved it

posted Jun 12th, 2014 2:55 pm

Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas

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