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Biggest Loser Success Secrets

Biggest Loser Success Secrets

Weight loss tips from successful Biggest Loser contestants, in their own words.

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The Biggest Loser: Success Secrets shows us how to not only fight the fat we are trying to shed, but to get past our own thoughts and emotions that often prevent us from achieving our weight loss goals.

The past contestants give great tips and advice on how to find time to workout, what to do when you hit a plateau and how to maintain your weight once you reach your goals. This book is a formidable tool for gaining knowledge and understanding the process of weight loss. The contestants share their inspirational stories to help you succeed on your weight loss journey.

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  • There are plenty of tips and tricks to help keep you motivated as you go
  • Includes real-life success stories from Biggest Loser contestants who have successfully lost weight
  • Inspirational
  • Includes an entire chapter about what to do when you hit a plateau
  • Features tips about goal setting and achieving
  • Easy to understand and follow
  • Does not offer a step-by-step plan
  • The book does not offer a complete menu or recipes

The book encourages you to keep a daily journal of what you eat as well as which exercises you do. The diet is based on calorie-controlled eating that includes three meals and two snacks day.

A typical day's menu may look like this: one egg with turkey bacon for breakfast; cherries, cottage cheese, and almonds for morning snack; a spinach salad with skinless chicken breast and half an apple for lunch; Greek-style plain, fat-free yogurt with blueberries for a snack; and grilled salmon with steamed quinoa and broccoli and a peach for dinner.

In addition many of the past contestants offer tips in the "Biggest Loser Toolbox" on how to stay on track and craving-control techniques that help when the temptations set in. The book also shares insights and recommendations on how to get past your own negative thoughts that sabotage your efforts to lose weight.


Since regular exercise is an integral component of any Biggest Loser weight loss program, Success Secrets contains tons of information on the importance of exercise.

In this book there are excellent tips on staying motivated during workouts and how to keep moving. Hitting a plateau is a common workout problem and this book has a chapter dedicated to breaking through the plateau.

After losing the weight, the hardest part then becomes maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Biggest Loser: Success Secrets includes "post-loser" tips on living fit and staying healthy.


Although staying healthy is a tough battle, The Biggest Loser: Success Secrets offers advice on how to overcome temptations, plowing through the plateaus and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after achieving your goals.

Regardless if you're a fan of the show, if you are looking for real-life, gimmick-less tips to help you lose weight, this book will have something eye-opening advice and recommendations for you.

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