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Body After Baby

Body After Baby

Get your body back no matter how long ago you gave birth.

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Body After Baby is a book by Jackie Keller that offers a simple, healthy plan to lose your baby weight fast. Keller is a celebrity nutrition and health coach and also the founder of NutriFit. Most women who have been pregnant have had some concern about losing baby weight. Losing pregnancy weight can be a great confidence booster to new mothers who are trying to juggle so many things including a newborn. The workout and eating plan in this book understands that new mothers are pressed for time and often don’t have time to focus on themselves. Body After Baby includes over 100 recipes and the plan will help you sleep more soundly, reduce stress, improve your mood and lose weight.

This book includes meal plans, menus, grocery lists, a jumpstart plan and an ultimate plan to help you lose your baby weight. This program not only works to help banish baby weight, but it is a great foundation to staying healthy forever. You can follow this program shortly after giving birth, or if you’ve been trying to lose the baby weight for years. Keller offers tips on how to fit in a daily workout in less than 10 minutes, reading nutrition labels and some fun movements that mom and baby can do together.

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  • Program works for any busy mom
  • Gets kids involved with nutrition and exercise
  • Offers tips on reading labels
  • Reduces stress and increases energy
  • Encourages healthy eating and exercise
  • Over 100 recipes included
  • Plan is only 30 days but can be maintained for a lifetime
  • Considers nutritional needs of new moms
  • Vegetarian plan available as well
  • None to speak of

One half of the focus of Body After Baby is on the nutrition while the other half is on physical activity. To lose that pregnancy weight, you have to focus on proper nutrition and what you’re putting into your body. Some of the top nutrition points to remember in this book are:

  • Eat a balance of favorable fats, complex carbohydrates and protein
  • Whole grains provide critical fiber and energy to keep your body functioning properly
  • Vegetables and fruits are nutrient rich complex carbohydrates that are abundant in fiber and water
  • Fish contains healthy omega-3 fats that your body needs, so eat it two to three times per week; shark, mackerel, swordfish and tilefish should be avoided because of their high mercury count
  • Opt for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and avoid saturated and trans fats when possible
  • When nursing you need to drink water frequently; one cup of water per hour or more is best; when not nursing drink water and eat foods that contain a high water percentage to keep yourself hydrated

Body After Baby asks that you exercise every day. That doesn’t mean that as a new mom you have to try to find hours each day for your workout. This program simply asks that you spend some time each day on the Movement Focus. You will have moments and stretches that help build up the muscles you haven’t used during your pregnancy. Keller promises that the daily exercise won’t take time away from your newborn or the rest of your family. Everyday Keller asks that you do Kegel exercises to tighten up your pelvic floor. The exercises in Body After Baby are gentle yet effective, so as soon as your doctor allows it, you can proceed carefully. Warm up for five minutes prior to doing your movements and listen to your body. You will find that exercising will help you regain your strength, your energy and help you sleep better. All movements are to be done in a slow and steady manner. Taking a walk with your baby is a one form of exercise that is highly recommended.


One thing new moms can relate to is the need for a plan to get them back to their pre-pregnancy weight that doesn’t take a lot of time. Body After Baby is a great resource and guarantees results no matter how long ago you gave birth. Jackie Keller has broken this plan down so that moms don’t have to stress about their weight loss, and can easily achieve it without having to spend time away from their family. Body After Baby has worked for several celebrity clients and it can work for any mom that wants to shed weight quickly and in a healthy way.

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