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BodyMedia FIT

BodyMedia FIT

Know your body and change your life with this health tracking device.

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BodyMedia is a device that measures your personal caloric burn throughout any given day. It works hand-in-hand with an online program where you enter your caloric intake for a day to give you a very personal caloric deficit based upon your entries. You will no longer have to question whether or not you are working hard enough again.

There are three different armbands to choose from.

  • The classic BodyMedia armband is called the Armband Advantage.
  • There is also a Bluetooth enabled armband called the BodyMedia Link Armband.
  • The third is the newest of the three called the BodyMedia Core armband, which is a third smaller than the Armband Advantage.

All of the BodyMedia products work the same way to produce accurate results.

BodyMedia works like this: You wear a small armband on your upper left arm 24 hours a day. The device measures how many calories your body is burning based upon your activity level, body heat, weight, and all of the other pre-entered information in your online program. The BodyMedia armband also has a pedometer built in, so you will always know how many steps you are taking at every moment of the day. It also measures what you are burning while you sleep and even tells you when/if you wake up in the middle of the night.

If you pair your BodyMedia armband with the digital display, that is optional, you will always have real-time information about where your calorie burn is and much more. If you do not have the digital display, you can enter all of your information to your Activity Manager as much as you would like throughout the day, although most people enter it once a day, usually at night.

The only time you shouldn't wear the BodyMedia is when you are swimming or showering because the device is not waterproof. It isn't too bulky and should be worn high enough to cover it up, unless you are wearing a strapless shirt or tank top. Even then, there are different colored straps and armbands to choose from, and BodyMedia even has skins for their devices so you can match every occasion.

The reason the BodyMedia is more accurate than other devices is because it uses multiple sensors to track activity levels instead of just one sensor like many heart rate monitors. It is also very personalized for each person, which helps with accuracy.

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  • Customized to you
  • Accurate readings and data tracking
  • Promotes accountability
  • Likely to inspire healthy living behaviors
  • Must commit to wearing device every day
  • Must log the food you ate every day
  • Subscription required
  • Not waterproof

Whether you are following a formal diet plan or whether you simply want to know how your calories consumed compare against the calories you expend, The BodyMedia FIT can monitor your dietary intake. All you have to do is wear the device every day and log the food you ate on your online BodyMedia account.

There is a database of more than 30,000 foods contained within the activity manager. Once you have logged your food, the display panels provide very clear graphics and text on your daily calorie intakes. Nutritional information is broken down into calories, macronutrients like protein and carb grams.


Where the BodyMedia FIT really shines is how it tracks your physical movements. All you have to do is move, sweat, do the dishes, watch television or vacuum the rugs and how many calories you are burning are automatically recorded onto the device, via its sensory-operated technology.

Once you plug the USB card of the device into your computer, you have instant access in seeing for yourself just how much your physical movements (or lack of) are progressing or hindering your health goals.


Technology meets health with the BodyMedia FIT, a wearable health-tracking device that records your every move and morsel and lets the data speak for itself.

If you love numbers or need to see the physiology behind how your body ticks, the BodyMedia FIT may be just the device for you. Just make sure you're up for the commitment of logging your daily food intakes every day on your computer and wearing the armband.

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OK---so now what do I do?? Where is the membership??

posted Oct 4th, 2010 9:39 pm



I agree with the review, but logging the food is not such a CON. How else will you track what you eat? I really appreciate the sleep monitoring. It has helped me address this part of my lifestyle. I've gone from 6 hours of actual sleep out of 8 hours in bed to nearly 98% sleep efficiency. I feel so much better during the day and have more energy and stamina.

posted Aug 13th, 2010 11:57 am


Great tool! Love my BodyMedia! Has totally changed my eating, fitness, and sleep habits. I am more confident and comfotable with my body. Love being rewarded for calories I burn everyday!

posted Jul 20th, 2010 3:04 pm



This is a great tool to make you accountable. I've lost 14 pounds since I started using it in March.

posted Jul 18th, 2010 8:50 pm



Good product that makes you accountable. Costco has it cheap. You can also get it from the www.bodymedia.com site.

posted Jul 18th, 2010 6:05 pm


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