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Doctor's Orders

Doctor's Orders

Kent Sasse's 101 Medically-Proven Tips for Losing Weight

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Written by Kent Sasse, M.D., Doctor's Orders is a comprehensive, entertaining and succinct guide to losing weight. Dr. Sasse is the founder and medical director of the Western Bariatric Institute and the International Metabolic Institute. As a physician and surgeon specializing in the care of overweight patients, his book contains 101 medically-proven tips for initial weight loss and long-term weight loss maintenance.

Including insightful tips and recommendations, which are backed by scientific research, Doctor's Orders touches on all elements of weight loss from diet to exercise and from practicing mindfulness to the benefits of mini-fasts, no stone is left unturned in this organized, informative and practical guide to weight loss.

Each of the 101 tips are described and supported by data and can be easily incorporated into busy and hectic lifestyles. Tips like using smaller plates to eat less and sitting at least six feet away from tempting food help illustrate how small changes can translate into a smaller you.

Recipes, a sample meal plan and exercise routines are also provided.

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  • Very comprehensive and accessible weight loss guide
  • Weight loss tips are practical, insightful and effective
  • Written by a medical doctor who specializes in weight loss
  • Teaches you long-term healthy lifestyle habits
  • Easy and entertaining to read
  • Recognizes the dedication and rewards involved in being healthy and fit
  • Some recipes lack nutrition data
  • Data missing in reference section

Many of the 101 Doctor's Orders tips are diet-related. While the book does not put forth a specific day-to-day outlined diet plan for you to follow, it does suggest a number of different ways to cut calories and become a smarter and leaner eater.

Overall, the plan endorses a low-calorie diet that hovers around the 1,000 calorie mark for effective and timely weight loss. Eating protein at every meal, consuming breakfast and consuming foods that are low on the glycemic scale is the basis of the plan.

In addition, protein bars, meal-replacement shakes, and prepackaged meals from iMetabolic, a line of products created by the International Metabolic Institute, are also endorsed.

Recipes like balsamic glazed pork tenderloin with red pepper grits, Mexican scramble breakfast pita and chicken carbinade with couscous and broccoli are given in addition to their nutritional information.


Exercise and increasing physical activity and movement is a main theme spread throughout many of the 101 tips of Doctor's Orders. From taking the stairs at work to moving while you watch television, the guide is filled with many practical tips for how to incorporate more movement into your day.

You are encouraged to build an exercise program over time and to have it contain both a cardiovascular element as well as a strength-training one. Ensuring that lean muscle mass is built and maintained throughout weight loss and while weight is maintained is strongly promoted.

Exercise should be performed at least five days a week in order to lose weight and keep it off. A strength-training routine is provided at the end of the book complete with illustrations and instructions.


Doctor's Orders, written by Dr. Kent Sasse, is an easy-to-follow and effective guide for losing weight and keeping it off. The book's 101 tips are realistic and medically-proven techniques for losing weight that focus on diet, exercise and long-term healthy lifestyle habits.

Doctor's Orders, created by a weight loss expert, is an important yet accessible weight loss guide that is grounded in science but practical enough for everyday living.

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I enjoyed this book. The tips are easy to adapt into your everyday life. I've appreciated the thinking behind Dr. Sasse's coined term, "The Multiplier Effect", very clever and useful.

Get the book is my tip to you.

posted Jan 6th, 2010 1:51 pm

Joanne Wright


Doctor's Orders is filled with great tips all in one place. Some are very good reminders, some are brand new ideas. Good stuff!

posted Jan 5th, 2010 1:05 pm


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