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Do It or Age Quickly

Do It or Age Quickly

Sixty-second practices that can change your life.

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Do It or Age Quickly by JB Berns is a guidebook of scores of 60-second practices that you can do to improve your health.

JB Berns has more than 20 years of experience in martial arts, yogic, and Taoist training and was voted one of America's Top Ten Personal Trainers by Fitness Magazine.

In his book, he offers 21 simple practices to care for your mind and body that are not your everyday, "brush your teeth," or "sip green tea," tips, but rather a unique system of methods that are steeped in the ancient spiritual traditions of Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism and the principles of Dan Millman's bestselling book, The Peaceful Warrior. Plus, each of them only takes 60 seconds to complete.

From hair-preserving natural remedies to massage techniques to stimulate digestion or energy, "Do It or Age Quickly" is packed with simple everyday practices that can be incorporated into any busy lifestyle.

In the book, Berns lays out a 21-step approach in addition to offering a variety of tips and suggestions for diet, wellness and alleviation from certain health ailments. The idea of the plan is to incorporate as many of the 60-second practices into your daily routine and to stick to the program for 21 days. Berns postulates that the number 21 has significant and auspicious value, as it has been used repeatedly in ancient religions and sacred texts.

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  • Tips are unique
  • Plan is flexible based upon your lifestyle and time needs
  • Created by a well-recognized and well-respected fitness and spiritual trainer
  • Tips are grounded in ancient religions and philosophies
  • Each practice only takes 60 seconds
  • Spending time each day to care for oneself has numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits
  • Incorporates meditation, deep breathing exercises and yoga
  • Format of book and program guidelines are not incredibly clear
  • Will appeal to limited audience of those interested in mind-body techniques
  • Could use more explanation on trophology and sample meal plans

Do It or Age Quickly dedicates one chapter to diet and nutrition. The plan rests on the Taoist concept of trophology, or combining certain foods and nutrients in order to enhance proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Basic tenets of trophology include always eating fruit by itself, never in combination with another food; eating starches and acidic foods at separate times; eating concentrated proteins and fat at separate times (a hamburger is a no-no but olive oil on veggies or plain grilled chicken breast is OK).

Do It or Age Quickly also offers a number of dietary tips such as start everyday with a glass of water with lemon juice, avoid all processed foods, especially those made with white flour or ones that come from a sealed can, eat sparingly or only until you are 70 to 80 percent full and refrain from drinking liquids during meals. Unlimited amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits are allowed as are specific grains and legumes.

There is also a very detailed supplement section that focuses on using specific herbs to enhance health.

By eating in this fashion, you are guaranteed to lose weight, have more energy and improve your overall well being.


Do It or Age Quickly includes a number of exercises that can be done at home and without the use of a single weight. Combining movements from yoga, tai chi and martial arts, you are given a series of isometric exercises that can help you achieve a firm and lean body.

Included are also exercises for your internal organs that help to stimulate digestion as well as clear nasal passages, improve eye sight and promote the health of the liver, kidneys and heart.

You are encouraged to do as many of the exercises as you can in your day, creating a routine that you can stick to for 21 days.


Without drugs, surgery or extreme fasts, JB Berns has created a program that can help to keep you looking younger, feeling younger and experiencing an overall improvement of health and well being.

If you are looking for a new but time-tested approach to feeling healthier, grab a copy of Do It or Age Quickly and commit yourself to 21 days of these life-extending techniques.

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Do It Age Quickly

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